TiDaa: Navigating Tamale’s Digital Marketing Place


TiDaa is a tech startup that intends to capture the nascent digital marketing space in Tamale.

Translated from Dagbanli, TiDaa means our market and true to this, TiDaa’s soul is in electronic commerce.  It is also a branding, consulting and digital marketing brand, the first business within the metropolis wholly structured around this.

TiDaa officially launched on Wednesday, May 25 to a small crowd of enthusiasts and stakeholders at the MavMax restaurant.

The launch was also a pitch and Q&A session where the core team, explained TiDaa’s business model and demonstrated their business in action.

Think Jumia, TimeOut Accra, Origin8, your favorite website design, branding and consultancy firm, with a lens on Tamale. That’s what TiDaa is.


I’m particularly excited by TiDaa’s events model. My radar has failed too many times to pick up on events happening in Tamale. This will be a solution well worth it. It’s sad however I’m at the denouement of my stay here. That notwithstanding, it’s a great initiative not only for newcomers to the City of a Thousand Suns, but indigenes as well.

For proof of TiDaa’s digital marketing capabilities, Wear Nation is the brand to show for it. Wear Nation CEO and TiDaa markeing officer Nana Kyei boasted some impressive numbers to show their success that I can’t completely verify. With a thousand plus likes with exactly eleven Facebook posts however, they might actually be on to something phenomenal.

Never mind that my entire engagement with Wear Nation has been via word of mouth and a Trade Fair.


On the design (web and branding) front, TiDaa is dirt cheap. What’s the catch? None they claim. Although it’s obvious that’s only cause they’re just starting out. With rates as low as GHC200 for a website, this is a limited discount. Who knows how long they’ll remain cheap.

If you’re in Tamale, grab this opportunity by the balls and make something excellent of it. Seriously.

You have important things to do and I’ve yapped on plenty already and haven’t done their entire model justice.

Nana Kyei and the rest of the gang are the kind of warm, chill people you won’t want to miss doing business with. Give them a try and if they suck, put me on blast!

Visit their website here , their Facebook here and Twitter here.

PS: be warned however that they’re new and there might be a few pesky bugs around they’re constantly working on.




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