O_O [May 9, 2013]

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What my eyes have the pleasure of witnessing…

May 9, 2013

I witnessed an incident on my way back from a very likable exam I had just written (translation, e be k3k3!). There was a little accident between a “bus” (trotro) and a motorcycle. It was an accident, without injuries. What else am I supposed to call it? From the little I saw, it seemed the trotro had unsuspectingly crossed the biker and almost knocked him over. That wasn’t enough to get me writing this post though. What got me was something he did that just took me back to secondary school and rap music.

The biker apparently was is a soldier. Guess what he did?! He called a superior to report the driver; he really did! I didn’t only think this was ridiculous, it was and still remains beyond me how or why his superior should care; and why should he snitch anyway?

So yeah, back in school, we had a bunch of prefects called G.D.P. cum P.S.O.D., these guys were the snitches, the “chookers”(no idea how this is spelt) or if you like, chookists of our time.

This officer’s behavior just reminded me of how much we resented these prefects and any snitch for that matter.

It got me thinking about rap and hip-hop’s stance on snitches. And as my socially awkward cranium would have that, it then progressed to the vilifications lashed out at one pivotal Anonymous hacker who gave up his cause ( and friends) to protect his family or something like that.

Oh well, that’s today’s first [I See | I Saw | WeBlog]; ARA (also read as) O_O!

Chale, people dey suffer! I’m not rich, not yet at least, I’m not dadaba (my brokeness level is on a record breaking all time high but chale, people dey suffer.

I live not too far from Nyaho Clinic so that means getting off at Shangri-La on my way back from school. The “trotros” from there are either headed to Circle or just Nima. There were two kids right behind the driver with an elderly man. The kids were standing which meant he wasn’t paying for a seat for them. Moreover, the kids wanted to stand; they were cute when they refused to sit. Fare time came and guess what, dude goes like, you know what, I would’ve alighted at Nima, but for the sake of the kids who would get off after me, i’m paying you so and so amount, the amount way less than the normal fare. I can’t afford to even alight at my destination because my money is insufficient, thus, I shall get off earlier than the kids so I can walk home from where you alight me to go meet them at home. The conversation plea went something like that. Don’t ask if I was philanthropic cuz me sef, I dunno how I’m gonna hit the exam room morrow so chale, allow.

I’m sure we’ve all encountered situations like this before. It’s really appalling chale. But I believe in us, the youth that is and no matter what, fili kadoce,e go be, yeah, we too we all fit talk e dey be k3k3 and it won’t have a most terrible network connotation or that of some socialist party.

In the meantime, while I have like 6 (all) international politics topics to revise, I dey here dey do gbu gbu cha! I wish I could say god would provide, but…….

On to the next…


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