PREACH 2: 9-10

WORLASI is a multi-talented songwriter, painter, rapper, singer, beat maker and imho, poet.

POETRA ASANTEWAA is an amazing and equally talented wordsmith, fashion designer and creative honcho á la yobbings. She’s possibly Ghana’s dopest spoken word act.

Worlasi I know personally, Poetra, not really, but have a crush on (gosh how many crushes do I have now? yare yare)

Anyhow, both creatives are set to release bodies of work just after each other, the former I believe on the last day of September and the latter next month.

Coincidence? Maybe.

Fate? Well isn’t that the possibility!

I’m excited for both projects, Worlasi’s Nus3 which is Ewe for Strength and Poetra’s in your face, jaw gaping title, Motherfucktitude: the NAKED ones.

I’ve no idea what direction Poetra’s work is gonna take. My guess is, a planet load of narratives that honestly explore feminism, race and humanity in beautiful rhyme that doesn’t scream amateur hour accompanied by that sensual voice that roots you to the spot. More importantly however, based off her Instagram poetry stints, I am confident the potency of her thoughts will dump you in a dark tunnel where that blinding yet difficult to grasp light at the end is wisdom we badly need.

Motherfucktitude: the NAKED ones

Motherfucktitude: the NAKED ones

And with a title like that, I’m ready to first motherfuck my ears into euphoria then scream my lungs out, motherfucktitude!


That’s the cover for Worlasi’s mixtape. It beautifully captures the spirit of the “you’re your own master and slave” mantra. Let’s pretend that’s me instead of Worlasi in the photo. I’m more a slave to my whims, easily letting negativity get to me instead of picking myself up like a boss and screaming motherfuck the world and just doing me (forgive me, Drake’s Over is blasting through my ears atm).

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Yung Fly: Opus To Ebo Taylor


Growing up, there was a lot of highlife music around me, but somehow, I wasn’t drawn to it. This was probably because in my mind at the time, I translated highlife into “old people’s music.” What better way to spite your parents than to detest what they love? This meant that regardless of how much the rhythmic sounds of highlife music moved me, I didn’t get my boogie on. Okay, maybe privately but definitely not out in the open.

Sadly, I didn’t really get down with the genre although I always recognized the sound as a unique, Ghanaian creation. Nowadays, I am crazy interested in highlife but I hit a roadblock after listening for a while with so much hip hop and electro knocking my cranium. Alas, my appreciation for highlife is avid while fleeting.

Thank goodness for Yung Fly, the steady rising Accra producer, whose innate joy for classics and skill for transposing those classics into dope, new soundscapes sets him leagues apart from his peers.

Cheers for the producer’s latest offering, Opus to Ebo Taylor, released on Yung Fly’s 21st birthday in October 2014. Funk out to highlife by the indomitable Ebo Taylor interspersed with some seriously heavy hip hop vibes. Or perhaps it’s the other way round…

Check out Yung Fly’s work below.