Kings and Gods


The Ghanaian Hiphop scene is worked up thanks to a rap Cold War between two of its heavyweights, M.anifest and Sarkodie. Tracks have been released, shots have been fired, sides have been taken, debates rage on over who’s better, the beef has permeated I daresay, the national discourse and Ghanaian illustrators are flexing their design muscles and expressing their opinions and expectations through their work.

Below is a collection of art pieces on the ongoing beef that hit our radar along with links to the songs that fuel this much needed lyrical brouhaha. Paraphrasing Swayye Kidd, this beef is a win for Ghanian hip-hop and in our case, art. Continue reading


One Life


I just watched BTS footage of Worlasi’s process crafting his new song One Life which features songstress Sena Dagadu, has Qube on the boards and Six Strings for additional, well you guessed it, strings.

The track and it’s visuals officially drop tomorrow and all I can say is, anticipate!

Here’s why.

Worlasi is real. His music is a raw expression of his feelings and that IMO, is how music should be. More importantly however, it’s challenging and insightful. It forces you to question your circumstances and leaves you wondering how you didn’t think of it before.

The biggest takeaway for me from the footage is One Life’s message to atheists; make heaven on earth; and theists, if heaven is your ultimate goal, how about a practice run on earth while you can and also leaving a slice of heaven behind for your descendants.

I think most people with heaven as their end goal tend to detach from present realities to the point where they care very little or not at all about the world (think the Crusaders and Jihadists) and Worlasi beautifully conveys this.


Realer than a Fante Van Damme. 🎨: Bright Ackwerh

There’s also the message about making the best out of our lives, taking risks, making our time alive worth it. We do after all, have just one life to make things happen. Your choice.

I haven’t yet heard the song but I imagine it’s gonna be overflowing with even more wisdom and introspection Worlasi seems to cough out easily each time.

While we’re at it, I’ma go put in some work and jam to his thoughts on DJ Juls’ Man Go Talk. I’ve got just One Life to be Formidable anyway.

Peep the footage below and follow Worlasi, Sena and supremeRights to catch up. Or just follow the conversation on twitter with #OneLife


UPDATE: I originally wrote that the song and video would premiere yesterday, April 15. Turns out it will on Monday instead. Friday was just a physical screening

PREACH 2: 9-10

WORLASI is a multi-talented songwriter, painter, rapper, singer, beat maker and imho, poet.

POETRA ASANTEWAA is an amazing and equally talented wordsmith, fashion designer and creative honcho á la yobbings. She’s possibly Ghana’s dopest spoken word act.

Worlasi I know personally, Poetra, not really, but have a crush on (gosh how many crushes do I have now? yare yare)

Anyhow, both creatives are set to release bodies of work just after each other, the former I believe on the last day of September and the latter next month.

Coincidence? Maybe.

Fate? Well isn’t that the possibility!

I’m excited for both projects, Worlasi’s Nus3 which is Ewe for Strength and Poetra’s in your face, jaw gaping title, Motherfucktitude: the NAKED ones.

I’ve no idea what direction Poetra’s work is gonna take. My guess is, a planet load of narratives that honestly explore feminism, race and humanity in beautiful rhyme that doesn’t scream amateur hour accompanied by that sensual voice that roots you to the spot. More importantly however, based off her Instagram poetry stints, I am confident the potency of her thoughts will dump you in a dark tunnel where that blinding yet difficult to grasp light at the end is wisdom we badly need.

Motherfucktitude: the NAKED ones

Motherfucktitude: the NAKED ones

And with a title like that, I’m ready to first motherfuck my ears into euphoria then scream my lungs out, motherfucktitude!


That’s the cover for Worlasi’s mixtape. It beautifully captures the spirit of the “you’re your own master and slave” mantra. Let’s pretend that’s me instead of Worlasi in the photo. I’m more a slave to my whims, easily letting negativity get to me instead of picking myself up like a boss and screaming motherfuck the world and just doing me (forgive me, Drake’s Over is blasting through my ears atm).

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Hiplife On A String: Adomaa’s Ingenuity


Ghanaian music continues to undergo a metamorphosis into what can only be described as awesome! From Osibisa’s early beginnings, Gyedu-Blay’s euphoria evoking baritone voice and trumpet to Efya’s soulful, powerful yet peaceful voice, Sarkodie’s tongue twisting antics to Pappy Kojo’s funky Fante bars, Worlasi’s language chasm bridging  afrobeat raps and songs, I daresay this is a revolution and all praise to technology, the revolution is being televised, at least on the internet anyway.

Over the past year, Ghanaians have jammed so hard to Sarkodie and Castro’s Adonai and Stonebwoy and Sarkodie’s Baafira that from time to time, I often momentarily get sore from hearing these songs.

That can be quite the chore but perhaps no more. Curtains parted, spotlight on, stage smoke rising, silent anticipation, onto the stage, Adomaa.

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Can’t stop, Won’t stop: Worlasi on the Rise

In a vast field of unbelievably similar looking, boring and lusterless music, it is every miner’s dream to strike gold or better, diamonds. Given a certain dearth of original and challenging artists on the Ghana music scene, WORLASI, the baritone “AY3 ADZ3” crooner is a diamond in the rough.

ACCRA [dot] ALT team member, KADI, got chatty with the artist over SMS to understand what he and his craft are all about, and generally, gather his thoughts on a number of related and random subjects._MG_8806

Looking into the future.Photo credit Socialite Photography

ADA: Who is Worlasi?

Whoa! That’s a packed question. Let’s see. I’m Worlasi. I make music, I paint. I’m just another kid expressing his emotions and experiences the best way he knows how. Truthfully though, I’m yet to discover myself completely. I can’t lie to you, I don’t know myself.

 Get the full gist here.


My Year In Review



2013 has been one helluva year, it in many ways, has been my greatest year by far.

Did I make a million dollars, get my own crib, get a girl, sleep less, finally figure out what the hell I wanna do with my life or finally figure out what I’m talented at? Um well, no!

I think this year has been the greatest chiefly due to one thing, I’ve been happier! Yup, that simple. If you’re like that with me, you’d know I can be depressed for long periods, this annoying mood usually arising from my own self-pity and constant nagging.

I dunno what my pals think, but personally, I feel like this year has seen that at an all time low and boy am I glad. Starting out this year, instead of the usual page long or so resolutions I wrote and started abandoning by the end of January, I simply resolved to be a better version of myself. Vague, I know!

But hey, here I am!

I’ve always loved tech, heck I wanna program although I don’t think i’m too bright at this, but i’m trying anyway.

I love music and try to make some, that doesn’t seem to be going great either, at least commercially anyway. For fun however, mehnnn [Kwabena Jones voice], I dey ball roff roff… hehehe (would’ve added lol but just read a ludicrous comment that lol means lucifer our lord. sighs)

Musically, I discovered, well more like fell in love with a new act, again if you know me, you can easily figure it’s something to do with rap. So yeah, since Mr. West has decided braggadocio is the ultimate way to go in his music, lyricism coupled with style still tops the list for me, welcome Yonas. Y’all should check him out. Which brings me to the other musical highlight of the year, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and boy does Yonas blend HipHop with EDM so well, so yeah, ultimate win win!

Oh let’s not forget Wiley and his Eski beat (aka Grime).

Anyway, as I’m sure most (at least what I think is normal) people are, the stasis isn’t quite right, I hate sitting around doing nothing, though that’s what I seem to do best (I swear I have a PhD). This year once again saw Chale Wote in the middle of the year and Ind!e Fuse to commence the Christmas festivities. I was very much a part of both events, helping out in my own small way the Accra dot Alt team. Yaaaaay! The way then I make happy eh…..chale!!!!

I’m also happy for Akolabone, the clothing company I’m a part of. We made some moves this year, made some mistakes and are learning from it and trying to improve ourselves and finally taste resounding success! You really should check out previous designs and watch out for next year’s collection; it’s gonna be off the chizain (I dunno,did I spell that correctly?)

Em what else? Oh yeah, I think I got more sociable this year. At least I have more friends acquaintances now in school than I did in all my two years so far. Big win chale! And twice, I almost got a girl, silly illusions both times chale. LOL!

Well, I think that’s been about it. I’m sure there’s more stuff (or less) that I could blabber on about but chale…

I’m glad the year is almost over and there’s a new year to look forward to. If there’s one thing I benefited from this year, it must be a reduction in the amount the haze in my life. I can see better than before (more clarity), but still not clearly enough. Oh well, next year, hurry your ass on here so I can see what’s up.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Independent Fuse: of the 12th Year of the Millenium [Ind!e Fuse]


Okay, I simply could have just posted Independent Fuse, or more precisely Ind!e Fuse as the title, but i really didn’t feel like it, so deal with it; IFTYM.

Day 2 of Ind!e Fuse 2012  went down yester-today at Alliance Francaise, bringing out Accra’s coolest and funkiest, under one umbrella [no political pun intended]. Gracing the event was a number of high profilers, from Gyedu Blay, Debbie to Efya and many more.If you missed it, you missed ITIT was/is to die for, sheer awesomeness!

Before I go any further on my commentary, I must say big thank yous to Mantse, Sionne and the whole Accra [dot] Alt crew, with whom I expect to intern very soon.

Sadly, I have no pictures; I don’t posses a digi cam, my phone’s camera…let’s leave that there, and the only other alternative was called away by its master, Nikitta. (I’m scouring the internet for pics atm, so fingers crossed).

I wasn’t present for all the performances so never mind that I don’t say anything about some acts, and yeah, I was the guy inking y’all [I should be a tattoo artist or something].

The show, hosted by the Sankwas Bois (Mutombo and Glen),begun on time, except people wouldn’t have realized this, heck even I didn’t realize till later. Kobby Graham began the show with his DJ booth session along with DJ Kwesi?? Kev?? [name escaped me]. All I could do during the session was bob my head to the music as I, along with Niki, Din and Josh greeted patrons at the entrance.Boy that was a good session. The atmosphere was electric and the show got off its feet.

Zantou Lansre performed afterwards, followed by Lady Jay and Lyrical Wanzam. I was pleasantly amused by one white dude who was singing Wanzam’s For Shegey Reasons” like he would die if he didn’t, he was more than eager to get his ticket and hurry on to catch Wanzam; all this ‘for shegey reasons”. That is a good look for GH music.

Jojo Abot was up next. Imagine my surprise when I found out she was a she girl, hearing the name, I figured one of our hi-life legends, but it turned out it was a funky lady. I didn’t catch her performance either, but I was drawn to her when she spoke Ewe. So yeah, you guessed correctly, that’s my native tongue. I rarely hear anyone sing in Ewe, so yeah, it caught me off guard. Damn I should have watched her performance; okay maybe that is too discriminatory, but I really should have. Oh well..

So yeah, (enough with the yeahs already sheesh!!). So yeah, right after her was Paapa. Paapa, this dude Paapa, hmm, what more can I say? The one man band, the Skillions priest. I have followed his music extensively over the internet, marvelling at his musical dexterity, creativity and craftsmanship. And what is even cooler, he raps about God ( no, I shan’t describe it as Gospel, Niki wouldn’t either). Okay, let us just say he does gospel rap for now.. I hate gospel music (Ghanaian), but this dude puts the cool back in it. Beatboxing, playing his own bass and synths, doing his own backing vocals, singing and rapping, now that is a one man band. It’s one thing watching someone perform on your computer, but it’s a whole new ball game seeing that same thing live! And hearing him perform “Pure Water” pretty much sums up that feeling-Epic! Record mates Jayso and Rumor also graced the stage to promote Rumor’s album/mixtape launch this evening at Scratch Studios.

Faint Medal as usual, killed the stage, it was genocidal. Syn and Kyekyeku, vocals and a mean slayer, now that’s what is meant by an electrifying night. Their description as a Rock group irks me, because I never felt the rock vibe in their music, that was until they performed a song I didn’t know. It felt like Green Day just passed through, drums, guitar, vocals = medease, gui!:p Sadly, they didn’t perform their hit “I Dey Feel You Die”, but their gig was dope regardless.

There is always that one moment when your perception of someone/thing is completely overridden with an overwhelming one. My moment walked in the personification of Yaa Pono. I mean, I knew his songs, he is a talented lyricist, but I never imagined he could perform, and I mean, perform. Perhaps it’s because I have never seen any of his performances? I dunno, but all I can say is, it was great! Ok my memory is failing me, thus I can’t seem to remember a particular song by him that really ripped the crowd, just know he had the crowd balling.

For me, Tawiah was just a sight to behold. Her silky voice, oh mama! And her clothes, talk about (sadly I have to use this word) swag, she totally owned it. I didn’t know any of her songs, so I just shut up and listened. I was impressed, she’s definitely on my to-do list from hence [ FOH you pervert]. And oh, did I already mention she is kinda like Paapa too, one man band and all? How cool is that!

Ha, I finally made it to the headliners; FOKN Bois, must I say anything? I mean, we are well aware of their talent, and astounding creativity. Take for example their songs, “, Help America, Sextra Terrestrial Sex, Gimme Pinch, Sexin Islamic Girls, Famous In China, Want to Be White, Jesus Is Coming“, which they performed, as well as M3nsa’s awesome tune, Adjuma and one weird song by Wanlov the Kubolor, where I think he was tongue twisting, in some language I suspect to be Romanian. Gosh that song was so uptempo. The duo performed other songs whose titles I don’t remember. Now, I must add that, these guys pretty much summed up the show, as in, they brought in a bit of what every other performer had on offer, plus all you expect in a musical concert and made it into their own. I seriously wonder how the show would have turned out if these guys weren’t a part of it.

The band at the event was on point! Afro Harmony I think is what they’re called, they did their thing, and from what I hear, they don’t fail to impress at each gig they’ve been at.


And oh, if you think I’m ranting, know this, the venue was jam-packed, and people kept coming even when there were just two acts left; and they paid! All in all, it was a good show, and too bad if you missed it, I would liken it to missing an opportunity to say, seeing Michael Jackson perform one more time, but it’s gonna be on better than before next year, so you know, hold your horses! [neighs and runs off….====>>>>].