Help Fund An Accra Skatepark

In 2012, I had a question: where are the skateparks in Accra? I didn’t get a satisfactory answer. 5 years later, this question might just be answered. If we successfully fund a proper skatepark in Accra that is. 

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Where Are The Skateparks?

I believe we’ve all seen the movies, and read the blogs, and heard the news about different lifestyles across the world. Any Ghanaian I’m sure would gradually admit that in Ghana, there are basically three sports: football, boxing and the rest.

Even the great game of basketball seems to be the reserve of those with satellite television, or basically, the rich. It’s really sad though; especially in my shoes considering I really am not into football, basketball really is what catches my fancy. I pray Oklahoma defeat the Heats, though thanks to them, the Lakers didn’t make it. –>this was written way before the game, so yea, its old, forgive me.Image

Quite recently however, I have developed a new obsession; am I obsessed with basketball? Not quite as my “football-for-life” brothers and sisters. This new obsession however is just that, an obsession!  I am becoming quite the aficionado though.



Skateboarding that’s what; my new obsession! Not only does it look really cool, I bet if offers one hell of a rush no other sport (on the ground/floor) can hope to offer; ok maybe car races?


Anyway, I’ve been thinking, it’s bad enough that basketball and many other sports tend to be hard to come by, television wise, and I really wonder about skateboarding. I mean, I know I can access the internet, but you know, it’ll be quite the spectacle to watch it on television, without having to worry so much about my data bundle.

In the case of basketball, I could simply go to the courts around, they aren’t great but that should suffice for now. Now my question is, are there any skate parks in Ghana?


as rudimentary as this

I hear there is one around the Trade fair. I have a pretty avid image of the location in reference, but really though?

I believe there is something of the sort around Maamobi, which I have seen. But this one is just one strip of pavement and is really small, way smaller than the park at the Trade fair. Then there’s the half mini half-pipe at KauKudi. I also stumble upon something about a park at Labadi.


that is the one over at labadi(is this the only one?)

Thankfully, I know where to purchase the boards, though I’m not too sure about pricing. I bet they’re seriously over priced, knowing Ghana. Well at least, if and when I do purchase one, I could skate around the house, or around; after all, airport west is just my backyard and there are tarred roads that aren’t too often frequented by cars.

Wish me luck!

But really though, are the skate parks in Ghana?

click here or maybe here