Are We Marching Right?


Via Cavemen

Every year, the month of March – when Ghana celebrates independence as a nation – creeps up on us with a lethargic monotony. Rehashed choruses of old pledges, charades of congratulations and the doling out of what one can only hope are well deserved awards to a precious few. The annual parade at Black Star Square and the holiday from work and school stand out as really the only things to look forward to. Watching kids mill about animatedly in preparation for the parade march, I can’t help but wonder why there’s a parade in the first place.

Drills used to train militaries to work together and maintain formation are what give the march a larger-than-life feeling. The march is deployed as a formidable psychological weapon. By moving as one, the marching army creates the illusion of a large, united and impenetrable force of focus. Imagine the fear that’ll seize you upon hearing an echo of booming voices and stomping feet coming at the same time. Continue reading


He is Impressed – Kwaku Sintim-Misa’s Address to Asheshi Students

“In my time, Apple and
Blackberry were fruits. In your
time they are gadgets. I am
In my time nobody went to a
shop to buy a mouse. We killed
them even. In your time a mouse
is a gadget. I am impressed.
In my time, we painted our walls
and protected them. In your
time, you write on walls. I am
In my time, we had few friends
that we knew and had nice
conversations with once in a
while. In your time you have
thousands of friends that you
have never met and you chat
with them always! I am
In my time, the only net I knew
was the mosquito net. In your
time the “net” is a highway to
unlimited knowledge. I am
In my time cocoa was Ghana’s
biggest export. In your time it is
Azonto. I am impressed.”