Kings and Gods


The Ghanaian Hiphop scene is worked up thanks to a rap Cold War between two of its heavyweights, M.anifest and Sarkodie. Tracks have been released, shots have been fired, sides have been taken, debates rage on over who’s better, the beef has permeated I daresay, the national discourse and Ghanaian illustrators are flexing their design muscles and expressing their opinions and expectations through their work.

Below is a collection of art pieces on the ongoing beef that hit our radar along with links to the songs that fuel this much needed lyrical brouhaha. Paraphrasing Swayye Kidd, this beef is a win for Ghanian hip-hop and in our case, art. Continue reading


You Can Be

I was here, I was there
But the signs didn’t seem very clear
I look but at nothing I stare
The shooting stars pass but they still never near
So my wishes they never hear

Nothing in the front
And my path’s not clear
Nothing in the front, unless in the rear
Running at the target but never getting near
Trying to be brave
But still filled with fear
Trying not to cry, but still seeing the tears

Living for today
You’re living through the years
Trying to find happiness
Sitting right here
I died on the day that I survived
Now I’m looking at the Days of Our Lives
Trying to be someone, not a lie!
And now you see who I am:
I’m a god!
What ya talk about boi ?!?!

– Rap Junkie.

Full track here