Justified Strike!!!

You can’t possibly be in this country and not know there is a strike action in effect at the various public universities.

Well if you didn’t know, now you do, and at least try to be abreast with national happenings.

Some people might have argued (and probably still do) that these actions were, are, simply influenced by pundits of the opposition (whichever one at the time). This to an extent, might have been a reasonable opinion to express, after all, both sides are vying for power; oh how I wish it was.

Again if you’ve been following recent happenings, you might have heard that our “leaders” have been fully paid their ex-gratia! Note, this came a few days after the strike action was declared.

Now, with what limited understanding I have of the teacher’s agitations, the implementation of the Single Spine Salary Structure (SPSS) is the cause of this. The SPSS is a laudable attempt at evening out the pay schemes for our public servants. That way, professions such as teaching as well as law enforcement (hopefully less corruption? o_O) would be paid reasonable wages and in my opinion, the wealth gap in society would be bridged considerably.

More than should be the case, we have our political leaders, well members of the two dominant parties on television and radio, instead of their offices, ridiculing, insulting,criticizing, condemning, demeaning and calling each other out.

With divergent opinions, this is not unexpected, although I must say the propensity and frequency of this rather pointless behavior is mind boggling. Anyway, albeit disagreeing on various matters, these “creatures” never fail to disagree when it comes to fattening their already obese pockets!

Apparently, our teacher’s wages off of SPSS haven’t been paid and in their negotiations with government, they’re being asked to be comfortable with piece by piece payments, installments if you may, whereas the “in the spur of the moment”, “disagree to serve and agree to cheat” snakes get their ex-gratia payments in one go!

These guys seem to be the only ones who fully comprehend and live by the statistics on paper that assert that our beloved country’s economy is a middle income one, when really, the reality reeks, screams and spits at them everyday they go to the workplace (I have to catch my breath here, their rolled up windows might just guarantee they only see utopia) to er, *work*(with a big ???).

Well played Ghana, really, well played!

Last I heard on the media, the opposition sympathized with our teachers but as of this morning, I heard one guy hailing the adherence to the constitutionality of the payments and giving a long, monotonous and head splitting rundown of the many processes that went into getting their payments through; him together with his sibling from another thieving family didn’t seem to mind the red-tapism.

The last time doctors went on strike, I felt they were being a little inconsiderate considering they’re one of the rather well paid and respected professions in the country, but then again, they did what had to be done to ensure they aren’t always taken for granted.

Teachers are doing same and although I’m affected as well, (heck I was supposed to write an I.A., this morning) , I say their actions are justified and they should only return to the classrooms after their demands are met, not half the demands, but at least 85% of their demands, but it’d best be all their demands. One more thing, whatever solutions and hefty “recommendations” (yes, we as a people are so excellent at this) are met and made, they should be in the long term; not the short dwarf term.

I must say the actions of these “creatures” does make you wonder if they weren’t tutored by these same Aristotles (the theoretical Aristotle), if they didn’t feel the effect of present lecturers contrasted with absent ones. Or perhaps the saying “if you don’t know where you’re coming from, you don’t know where you’re going” only applies when they’re taking issue with the generation, who taking a cue from a seemingly working culture, begin to adopt their practices.

God (Allah, Annunaki, whatever powers that be) bless our homeland Ghana! [that’s the hope at least].

Good day!



Politics, politics, politics… POLI 101 taught me and my mates that politics is way bigger than the negativity it immediately connotes. Oh well, not many people know that, so once again, politics, politics, politics…

Ghana is one helluva an interesting country. A trend has started where every 8 years, the political ideology of the government moves from capitalist to socialist. The other ideologies aren’t noticeable.

Ok so here is the deal.

The National Democratic Congress == Social (ist) Democrats. The New Patriotic Party == Capitalists.

So basically, leftists and rightists!

A little research, you will find out some basic things

The left (NDC) usually does the free stuff, welfare and the likes. They’re all about providing for the people for the national good; the state is your father and mother, who treat their children equally [supposedly]!

The right (NPP), now these are the business moguls! Individual capability over everything. For them, the state would provide the means; the outcome is entirely in the individual’s hands. Case closed. Privatization and more privatization. Men are not equal at all levels.

Elections are coming up, and manifestoes are being read. The rightists are espousing free education (:O) and the leftists are seriously opposed to it.

That makes no sense! The leftists, based on their inclinations, should be the ones espousing free education and not the rightists.

Then I think to myself, oh well, some ideas come earlier to different people at any given time, so maybe they were late. But the opposition they’re giving makes me think maybe this party ought to redefine itself.

The leftists are instead proposing providing the infrastructure first, and that sounds to me more like what the rightists would say.

What the hell happened?? Did the devil become Jesus Christ or something?! Did Steve Jobs suddenly become an android or Sergey Brin a diet of only apples??

These people need to get their priorities straight. I’m not saying either of their promises is bad, I’m just asking, when the hell did the tables turn??

P.s.: I’m not opposed to change or anything, it’s just it all seems so hypocritical and like a facade!

Letter To The President – By Prince Buabeng Amaniampong

Dear Mr. President
With heartfelt sorrow, pain and
empty pocket I write to let you
know my sentiment
I remember 4 yours ago you told
us if you win you will be
But situation at hand clearly
shows our President is totally
It seems like we were all deceived
by your lies spoken with good
Free schooling, more Jobs and
free health care, I promise
everyone will be affluent
Mr. President, I am a graduate
but can hardly boast of an
This is all you politicians tell us
when you need votes since
We eat cramps, die of common
disease while your people in
power live in affluence
Graduates are crying, pregnant
women are wailing, farmers are
shouting, they all need your
I have a degree but no job, he
has no degree also no job, now
tell me what is the difference
Each time we demonstrate, carry
placards and call for your
attention all we here is Mr.
President is in a Conference.
**We are tired**
I am grieved, disappointed and
feel cheated
There is poverty and suffering
and everyone have been affected
You told us you are the chosen
one and that you have been
Yesterday, we heard on the news
that man Woyome was finally
When I very well remember you
said you ordered a “seize no
payment” when you were alerted
**We are suffering**
This is not my voice but the voices
of the people
This is not cry but the wails of the
This is not my letter but the
emotions of the nation
**We are starving**
Food prices are sky rocketing
Instead of development, all we
see is backbiting
No jobs, total hardship yet we
have thousands of Graduates
each year graduating
**We are dying**
Mr. President, I know soon you
will be knocking on our doors for
our votes
We please urge you to hear our
cry and do something about our
Hoping to read your always
deceiving promises in your reply

Concern citizen.

Why Young People inGhana Should HatePartisan PoliticsBy Gideon Marcel

This is the first note am writing on
politics since I started sharing my
thoughts on this platform some 3
years ago. I have stayed out of
politics for good reasons though I
keep very close and good friends
who are very political. My hope is
that this note doesn’t lose me
some friends and alienate people,
that is not the purpose of it and
above all, I’m not Simon Pegg.
This article serves to expose the
deep cracks of partisan politics
and why young people of this
country should denounce and
renounce it if we indeed believe
in hope for the future, and for
our children and grandchildren.
Historically speaking, our
governments, past and present
have proven to be only a
conveyor belt of misplaced
priorities, failure docked at the
harbor set for a journey of socio-
economic catastrophe, poverty
whose dress rehearsals is spelt in
capital letters of unforgivable
doom, systems whose thinking
were and is limited as the
shortness of their palsy breath.
The culprit- partisan politics.
Politics itself is good; it’s the
search of alternatives, the
‘exercise of conviction’ whereas
partisan politics is a beast and
looks like scrambled eggs gone
It takes real people to do real
politics, people who honestly
believe that things can change
and sincerely believe that there
are outcomes that are better than
others no matter their party
colors. Politics is about policies
and as such one cannot do it by
being a determinist or a nihilist,
the unfortunate flaws of partisan
politics that people hate to
discuss. Partisan politics is about
been bias, taking strong and firm
position and pushing self interests
regardless of what is the common
good. Selfish and greedy
leadership in Ghana and most
parts of Africa have been baked
on deep foundations of partisan
politics and party interests, while
ineffective institutions have thrived
on the lack of temerity and
effrontery to displace cronies and
allies in order to sustain systems
and agenda that feed off the
benefits of the status quo eternal
When the Woyome scandal was
unraveled, I maintained that if we
were very honest as a country
and understood politics inside
out, supporters and members of
the 2 leading political parties in
the country, NPP and NDC would
team up to demonstrate against
the government to pursue justice
based on common sense. What
more legal craft can justify why a
single person should have access
to millions of US dollars to
himself from state coffers when
patients in the nation’s ‘flagship’
hospital sleep on the floor in
corridors. It was a moral issue
here but partisan politics will cook
a legal porridge to daze
discernment in inevitable rhetoric
which will consider an opposite
and non partisan view uber-
If young people really care about
the future of this country and
would want to see a fundamental
change happen in our generation,
then there is no shifting of goal
posts that we must as a matter of
urgency dislodge from partisan
politics. I’m not saying young
people should not join political
parties or engage in politics; that
is a choice and a basic right to
association, but my cry is that if
we have gotten into a mess that
was created by a system, why
then is the same system attractive
to us? Can we show we care by
treading the path of insult-
politics, bask in half baked truths,
mendacious and dishonest
political analysis draped with
economic figures and statistics
whose relevance is a poster child
of cheap economic scarecrows? I
represent the naysayer in this
We should begin to carve a
destiny for ourselves based on
our convictions and selflessness;
it’s about time to redefine our
own democracy knowing that the
greatest threat to any form of
democracy is uninformed citizens.
It has been proven historically
that politicians and businesses
always follow where the public
leads but we need to understand
how to build our power and use
it. Many at times, the closest we
come to changing the running of
our country is through a brief
romance with the ballot box, but
after electing people into power,
we don’t demand transparency,
accountability and sustainability
by force, and rather we too
behave as businesses- ‘what is in
it for me’?
I believe things can change; there
is a better alternative than
partisan politics and the kind of
waterlogged democracy we
practice in this country. We can
build our movement, we can
build our power, we can
influence the messaging of the
media, we can affect policies of
parliament and we can have a
voice. If we believe we can, then
it’s time to stick together and act.
Shame unto partisan politics! Say
amen to that!
Gideon Marcel (Community
Organizer, Writer & Poet)