Creative UN-Manifestations

So I heard today is world poetry day, cool, but poetry is not what’s on mind this morn.

Well in a sense, it is.

For so long, we’ve heard everyone echo how uncreative we as a people are, and blah blah blah.

Then there’s the counter argument that no, we are indeed creative but it is just the funds that are lacking.

To an extent, I’d go with the latter assertion. To an extent because I do not believe it is so much the money that matters, I believe it is the method.

Ghanaians are very creative, hands down! Only problem I see is with implementation. If you’re a graphic designer, I am sure you would have encountered a ton of clients who have crazy ideas but just lack the know-how to execute!

So where does the problem stem from? Way I see it, it’s in how we are brought up; our education system.

Let’s take poetry for example. Growing up, poetry to me was something for the elite of elites, and an highly intellectually stimulating thing. Walk in people like Mutombo da Poet, Rhyme Sonny and Sir Black and I’m like WOW! They break down issues and their ideas in ever so enthralling rhymes and syllables, and present something that not only stirs your mind, but is enjoyable. Then I begin to wonder, who the hell got it into my head poetry had to be so full of dictionary sized grammar and vocabulary. O_o. Well they begun something and now there’s an influx of poets; a few new ones and a host of previously sleeping dragons.

If our education system is anything to go by, someone who hasn’t been to the university probably shouldn’t appreciate poetry.

Ok on to the main point.

Have you seen kids in western movies? If there’s something they all seem capable of doing, it is drawing! I mean even if it’s some disaster of a drawing, they are still capable.

Not everyone can be as talented as the likes of KoBe Taylor, Johann Setorwu or Kojo Antwi, but i mean, chale!

Now imagine if our education system included [with emphasis] drawing, would it not make it easier for the teller at your local bank to make manifest his ideas to say the(idling engineer (who has to wait for the next technological breakthrough [from outside the country] so as to build expertise in), who would better understand and execute ideas if the teller could at least make a reasonable sketch?

I ask this because, time and time, ideas have popped into my head that I thought would be really cool, but because of my lack of knowledge, have had to tell someone about the idea who would now try it out, and eventually, either give me something crappy, or more than often, not do it at all.

Now, way I see it, if drawing was made mandatory “or even quasi-mandatory” as writing is, this country would be one step closer to actually being innovative. What’s the point having ideas when they can’t be implemented?

If even half the population can make decent sketches, chale, implementing stuff wouldn’t be so difficult. Because at least, people can better understand ideas. If nothing at all, I know drawing would considerably improve the movies we make here, it’ll bring out the best in us, as we can better implement action sequences.

And maybe, just maybe, it’ll help our politicians better think through some of the policies they implement, and hopefully, bring out the proper politicians they should be.

I’m just saying, after all, these are the workings of my brain.

Gears and pistons in motion chale!!!