In honor of Nigerian Democracy – June XII, a comic review

June XII is the title and lead character in Ibrahim “Sirgai” Ganiyu’s comic. June XII marks the first elections after the 1983 military coup that resulted in the widely acknowledged victory of Moshood Abiola in 1993 and subsequently, its annulment by Ibrahim Babaginda and eventually, General Sonny Abacha’s coup.

The day is celebrated by some in pro-Abiola states. In a 2013 interview with Vanguard, Senator Roland Owie argued that, while the elections were free and fair, the events leading to Abiola’s candidature and presumed victory weren’t as rosy. That notwithstanding, the day stands as a herald of Nigerian democracy and some have even hailed it as Nigeria’s true democracy day. This is most likely Sirgai’s inspiration for the comic and we’re grateful for the birth of a living corruption eraser.

On the twenty-third anniversary of the day that spurred the comic, we share our thoughts.

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Hero Kekere is Ghenghenstic!


COMIC REPUBLIC are legit, one mega comic force to reckon with on the continent. Spawning characters such as Guardian Prime who, at first glance, seems like a superman copy but is many leagues different, to Eru, the manifestation of fear to Jade Waziri, a hardened, no-nonsense commander, these guys know their stuff. Continue reading

African Animation You Should Know (Part 1)


Finding niche content like homegrown African animation can be a chore sometimes on the internet. Lucky you, we at Squid are passionate about discovering and promoting content we can lay our hands on.

In the spirit of our inner geeks, here’s the first part in a series of lists of five animated projects you can check out and support by spreading the word, appreciating their creators or donating money if the option is available.  And most importantly, we hope you’re inspired to add value to what’s out there by creating your own stories, be it through conceptualizing, writing, illustrating or animating. A start is a start wherever you go.

Let’s do this!.

The Sim

Sim is a really short but beautiful, minimalist sci-fi animation with fluid motions that will leave you begging for more. Animated by Eri Umusu, it follows a woman, Simisola Williams’ kill or be killed mission in a very basic simulated world. She battles several robots and does so with so much pizazz the Kingsmen would be jealous. The fast paced fight sequences are reminiscent of RWBY and Sword of the Stranger and the weapons, something between Tron and Star Wars’ light-sabers. Sim ends with a big cliffhanger when Sim’s subjugator operates the machines that facilitate the simulation and the dawning realization that she might be a robot or a clone. If you’re reading this Eri, we’re begging for more.


Gyimah Gariba is a beast. His illustrations are beast 2.0. His animated short, an insightful glimpse into the lives of two friends on either end of the economic divide? See for yourself.

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50 Days of Character Sketch

Funky Babalawo - Collyde Prime x Mohammed Agbadi

Funky Babalawo – Collyde Prime x Mohammed Agbadi

The hashtag, #50DaysOfCharacterSketch created by prolific Nigerian artist, Collyde Prime and his company of creative virtuosos is a leaf right out of comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s hack to excellence, “don’t break the chain”.

The aim is to post an illustration of an original character bearing no semblance to popular and ubiquitous superheroes, every day, for 50 days, in whatever medium (digital, ink, pencil etc.) on social media. Open to everyone, it is an effort to promote African art, polish up skills, gain new ones, have fun and most importantly, reap the benefits of ten thousand hours (1200 actually).

Check out some illustrations from the project so far.

Trippy - Collyde Prime x Balox

Trippy – Collyde Prime x Balox

Goddess - Stanley Stanch Obende

Goddess – Stanley Stanch Obende

Snake Girl - Adeleye Yusuf

Snake Girl – Adeleye Yusuf

The Drummer - Dominic Oziren Omoarukhe

The Drummer – Dominic Oziren Omoarukhe

Warrior Within - Alan Osayi

Warrior Within – Alan Osayi

Mutant Chaos - Havilah Agada

Mutant Chaos – Havilah Agada

Labour of Heroes Past - Anama Drew

Labour of Heroes Past – Anama Drew

You can also watch Collyde Prime’s comic animation below.