Celebrating Ghanaian Animation: the Golden Movie Awards


We’re crazy excited to announce that the animated films of COMFORT ARTHUR andFRANCIS Y. BROWN have been nominated in the Golden Animation category of theGolden Movie Awards.

In its second year, the award will for the first time, highlight Ghanaian animation talent. The nominated films are Brown’s school project, Agorkoli: Cause of Hogbetsotso, a retelling of the history of the Ewe people and Comfort’s films, the Peculiar Life of a Spider,a dark comedy abut how Kwaku Anansi tackles issues such as depression and identity crisis and Imaging. Continue reading



Premiere Poster

Premiere Poster

Agorkoli, Cause of Hogbetsotso, an animation that tells the story of the migration of the Ewe people, premieres later this evening at the British Council and I am excited about it. Somewhat.

Somewhat because the trailer for the animation released a few weeks ago kind of zapped my initial excitement from last year. As my illustrator/animator bud Kobe explained to me, the process of animation is rather hard work and even more overburdening in Ghana thanks mainly to very limited collaboration between artists, leaving usually just one guy to do everything – draw backgrounds, characters, animate, add effects, write and direct the animated films – among other reasons. I should thus be considerate and considerate I am. This is a start at the very least and I look forward to the future with much optimism.

That notwithstanding, I’m more interested to go see what manner of storytelling is employed in the animation; the complexity of characters, subtle cultural references, the protagonist vs antagonist angle etc.

I’m especially looking forward to what creative twist they put to the infamous story of the wicked King of Notsie, Agorkoli. Other good things to look forward to are the musical scores by rising afrobeat crooner Worlasi amongst others.

Agorkoli, Cause of Hogbetsotso should be fun and I pray the universe it lifts me off the ground, even if by just an inch.

Check out the trailer below.