My NCCE Apology

I am deeply sorry and ask for forgiveness.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the National Commission for Civic Education’s Citizenship Week initiative. My intention for the post (which you can read here) was to inform and express my excitement about the initiative.

My post was however misconstrued. In retrospect, my wording was in bad taste.

I admittedly did little to highlight the work my office has been doing. Instead, I subtly fueled a conversation that negatively painted it. I have since taken down the comments and rephrased the post to prevent further misunderstanding.

One of the opening lines of the post, “while I haven’t done much” I have come to realize, negatively smear the organization when in truth, was an expression of my lethargy and admittedly, lack of innovation to turn lemons into lemonade. For that, I offer some context.

The staff have been lenient with me for a number of reasons which boil down to empathy. I will however highlight three.

  1. Language: the bulk of the office’s activities involve meeting with local groups (that speak mostly Dagbanli) to educate and inform. The exception was made for me because I am not an indigene and haven’t in all my time here, picked up the language to be able to hold even half-decent dialogue. To resolve that, I was tasked with school civic clubs where English was the standard. I firmly stated my failure at this in the post in question.
  1. Transportation: the major mode of transport in Tamale is via motorbikes. I neither own a bike nor the skill to ride one. The exemption was made for me because the bulk of the tasks I would have been assigned required commuting to faraway locations. I would have had to rely on my service allowance for this. The staff thought it too taxing to make me do this. That would have burned my pockets dry and left me with very little to cater for myself.
  1. Working Hours: the nature of the organization’s work requires daily meetings, even at odd hours. This would have meant leaving and arriving home very late in a terrain that, while I’ve explored to an extent, is still relatively foreign. The staff thought it prudent to spare me this, to make my stay all the more safe and enjoyable.

I admit that while I would have loved to overcome the purported challenges, I didn’t in anyway strive to do so. I instead took the kindness and empathy in lazy stride and used the opportunity for self-development. In one of the comments that I have since taken down, I referred to myself as a roaring lion killing no game to describe my limited drive in relation to the organization. My apathy and desire however are not reflective of other people’s work.

I apologize for any damage my post might have caused and look forward to learning from my mistake and my continued co-existence with the staff with whom I’ve had no trouble.

I promise no such mishap will occur in the future.

I am truly sorry and gladly accept any penalties.



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