This and Not This

Pound for pound is how it went down last night at the Accra Sports Stadium as 7 bouts went down.

Ok truth be told, just about 5 were power and action packed. The other 2 were just, bleh…

Anyway, Joseph King Kong Agbeko defended his IBO Bantamweight title last night against Luiz Mendelez from Columbia. Was it fun? Yup!

Chale, from what I heard by way of mouth and from the little googling I did on K. Kong’s opponent, I bet K. Kong expected the fight to be a walk in the park; it was not!

For a moment there I thought he would actually lose! Like really!

The consensus I gathered that night was that, K. Kong won mostly because he had more stamina. But damn, Mendelez was tough! And very confident too. Can you imagine fighting someone on his own turf with but a handful of people behind you?

So hurray, Ghana ,through K. Kong retained her championship. Good!

I thought he would actually lose! Like really!

I thought he would actually lose! Like really!

Now on to the bad.

Disorganization be what?! Herh?

So along with #teamaqeel , I arrived at the stadium pretty early, like around 7. Stuff was still being set up chale.

At least when everything punched off, the ringside was pretty much star studded, and of course, star packed! The popular stands were also vibing with “jama” which I’m not so sure could possibly motivate anyone. Oh well..

So yeah, big ups to Fresh Kings Promotions (Entertainers), OMP and all who made this happen.

Some smart alec decided it was ok to place both projectors meant to serve the fnas in the popular stands on only one side of the pitch. Well at least someone fixed that.

It wasn’t after the second bout that they begun to change the postion of one of the projected screens to benefit fans on the other side of the stadium, which ironically, had more people.

Fight was scheduled to start at 9, don’t even ask when it kicked off.

A (if you may) rooster was prepared, clearly stating the order in which the fights would occur. Followed through on the first three bouts, the rest, let’s just say I highly doubted all the fights would come on.

K. Kong’s fight was scheduled to be last, the crowning fight, the highlight. My reasoning tells me this is to give the other boxers billed to fight their own spotlight as well; all in brotherly sportsmanship love.

Didn’t happen.

Luckily, we got to see Manyo Plange, one of the featured boxers fight before K.Kong. That dude is viscious! Of course he won; I think by T.K.O.!

This is the “Columbiano” O_O

This is the “Columbiano” O_O

Then on came K. Kong. I wouldn’t speak on him because all the headlines are abuzz with him anyway. But chale, that “Columbiano” was persistent! Oh did I mention Samini sang our national anthem?

Anything special about it? Nope!! I was hoping for some sort of rendition, but oh well! The Columbian anthem was sang as well, amidst boos, very typical and expected, in contrast with Samini’s which.. well you can imagine.


After K. Kong’s fight, people just up’d and assumed the night was over. Don’t people listen or read? People can to leave after the champ had been crowned, totally forgetting there were other bouts to be fought. I don’t blame them.

They had seen what they came for. Only true boxing fans stayed on to watch the other bouts. And by that time, the gates were opened and as you can well imagine, everyone trooped in to the ringside! An awesome experience for them I can imagine!

Frederick Lawson won his fight, clinching the IBF Continental Africa Welterweight title. Then on came Duke Micah. Now that was enjoyable. His opponent (Michael Barnor) put on good show along with him. Duke emerged winner.

Then on to this guy! Sena Agbeko. More on him in my next post. His opponent could have at least, trained for a year before getting in the ring with him. Ah! What is that?! He might as well change his name from Sunday King Hammer to “Sundays I sing “mama”; or maybe it’s because he fought on a friday satruday?O.o

Oh well, last night was great!


the winning squad.


Dear ecg


Dear ecg
I am Ghanaian and
I can understand that your level of incompetence spans the universe; it is so glaring even with God’s eyes shut, you still send shivers down his spine.
I understand that you operate within an environment in which you hold a monopoly, an environment in which the cost of doing the right thing (like suing your asses or putting y’all in some equally challenging [legal or not] shit), far outweighs (supposedly) the desired result.
I understand that your clients’ minds have long been conditioned into leaving it all in Gods hands, never preparing for anything (let alone the worst) but always hoping for the best.
I understand that you operate within a climate where those with the power to put you on your toes aren’t bothered, afterall, you’re just a convenience and thus they can afford alternatives.
I am sure you’ve read and heard countless other rants like this for soooooo damn long.
So let me get to the point
If you know you’re incapable of doing what you’re paid for, inform us so we know what to do and alter our expectations accordingly.
Don’t give us a schedule if you know very well you won’t stick by it.
Don’t be consistent with a certain kind of terrible service and in one intake of air, change tactics. This is not war, this is not the fucking premier league!
Oh yes the premier league..
I don’t care for soccer but boy do u mess with us all when u show what a champion you are.
You must be playing some league of your own..

Very often u come up with some lame excuse,and I guess because you figure we’re stupid,quickly change it when you realize oh shit..that didn’t come out right, shit is about to hit the fan!
I would have loved to take issue with the government..but you have been pretty much the same for as long as I can remember.
Oh “behated” ecg, either you’re vying for some sorta crown or something…cuz honestly…y’all are the kings of fucking people up…
Some advice..its high time you take a cue from all the backronyms assigned to your oh i don’t know….either candle or generator,electricity comes and goes, do that and we’ll understand u and defend you boldly…
So yeah,ecg thanks for killing what little creativity i have left in me!!!
fire burn u muthafuckas!!!!

Sincerely a fed up patron!!


Politics, politics, politics… POLI 101 taught me and my mates that politics is way bigger than the negativity it immediately connotes. Oh well, not many people know that, so once again, politics, politics, politics…

Ghana is one helluva an interesting country. A trend has started where every 8 years, the political ideology of the government moves from capitalist to socialist. The other ideologies aren’t noticeable.

Ok so here is the deal.

The National Democratic Congress == Social (ist) Democrats. The New Patriotic Party == Capitalists.

So basically, leftists and rightists!

A little research, you will find out some basic things

The left (NDC) usually does the free stuff, welfare and the likes. They’re all about providing for the people for the national good; the state is your father and mother, who treat their children equally [supposedly]!

The right (NPP), now these are the business moguls! Individual capability over everything. For them, the state would provide the means; the outcome is entirely in the individual’s hands. Case closed. Privatization and more privatization. Men are not equal at all levels.

Elections are coming up, and manifestoes are being read. The rightists are espousing free education (:O) and the leftists are seriously opposed to it.

That makes no sense! The leftists, based on their inclinations, should be the ones espousing free education and not the rightists.

Then I think to myself, oh well, some ideas come earlier to different people at any given time, so maybe they were late. But the opposition they’re giving makes me think maybe this party ought to redefine itself.

The leftists are instead proposing providing the infrastructure first, and that sounds to me more like what the rightists would say.

What the hell happened?? Did the devil become Jesus Christ or something?! Did Steve Jobs suddenly become an android or Sergey Brin a diet of only apples??

These people need to get their priorities straight. I’m not saying either of their promises is bad, I’m just asking, when the hell did the tables turn??

P.s.: I’m not opposed to change or anything, it’s just it all seems so hypocritical and like a facade!

Milo:The Puke-i-Nator



Don’t we all love our choco beverages. Milo (pronounced mailo or meelo 🙂 )is perhaps the most popular and widely consumed in Ghana. But i have a little problem which makes it’s consumption a sort of do or die affair for me. (ok maybe die is too strong a word).
I am in no way trying to undermine the efforts of this product, my problem extends to its competitors as well.
Often after a Milo (chocolate) drink, a feeling of nausea washes over me. it gets worse when i drink water.
While i haven’t exactly puked as a result of this, it does throw me off from wanting anymore. I love me some Milo nonetheless.
Is there an ingredient that causes me to feel this way or is it just my body reacting to it? at least i know about two more people who experience this as well.
Oh just a quick addition that might be of interest:

Milo contains some theobromine , a xanthine alkaloid similar to
caffeine which is present in the
cocoa used in the product; thus,
like chocolate, it can become
mildly addictive if consumed in
quantities of more than 15
heaped teaspoons per day. ”
I got that from Wikipedia.
Im just saying…
So yeah, do you experience the same thing,have you overcome it,if so,how??
click for an interesting post on Milo.
like i already mentioned, the feeling isn’t mutually exclusive to just Milo but also:




Flying With The Circus

ImageSo you’ve heard of MOOCs and wanted a bit of the pie. But here you are in Ghana, where everything is an exaggerated cost. From internet to clothes to whatever else you can imagine.

If you’ve patronised internet cafes for a long time, then you can agree that it isn’t a conducive environment for academic pursuits. [i often wonder how people are able to do their assignments using them]. Thus MOOCs would be a bit annoying and frustrating for you if you don’t have internet at home; and don’t even think of modems [unless of course you don’t mind the cost].

Oh well, so you want to benefit from the likes of Udacity, Coursera, CodeAcademy, Coursehero, edX, CodeSchool, TedEd amongst several (most of the above listed focus on computers b.t.w., mostly Python), but here you are without an affordable resource to access this wealth of knowledge.

well if you can, these few tips should help you get started.



Buy a tiGO modem, or SIM if you possess either an Android or iPhone. Get a computer (laptop) with Wi-Fi (not necessary if you have the modem).

If you use either of the smartphones, then you should be aware of the tethering option by now. If not, Android, iPhone check your manual and learn how to do this. (Blackberry and Windows Phones inclusive). [you can also just opt for the usb method. long process]

Activate tiGO‘s internet bundle. You can either opt for the daily option,GH¢0.99, weekly, GH¢5.99 or the monthly, GH¢22.99.

You’re good to start learning your courses online now. If you don’t possess a computer however, but own one of these devices, you can still learn to some extent. Android’s stock browser as well as Apple’s Safari are pretty capable browsers and should allow you visit these sites, at least stream the videos effortlessly.

You would still need to get access to a computer in order to do some of the exercises though. ( My phone runs Gingerbread and browsers such as Chrome and Firefox aren’t available to my phone, I bet they’ll let you input effortlessly).

If you want to know more about MOOC’s, heck just Google it or check out one of the pioneers (first and later), or click here to read more, or here, or here or here or just frigging Google it!

oh did i mention you would be at an awesome advantage if you own a tablet?? 🙂



John, Victor and the whole team. Awesome!!

If you can’t afford any of these alternatives, then check out OUWA.