April 17

Following from my previous post, here goes my first Seinfeld Productivity Story…

The dry northern harmattan winds blew over Nii’s face as he calmly walked towards the kiosk in his sadly, filthy neighborhood. Nii had grown to hate everything about this place; its people, the streets, the dilapidated and menacing buildings, not even the greenery was spared from his hate.

If there was one thing he relished about the harmattan, it was the fact that, for most of the day, the stench no one else seems to have noticed from all the rubbish lying about was absent. All the moisture had evaporated and thus considerably reduced the smell.

Despite knowing this, he stench-o-meter could still pick up signals from all around him. Nii really hated this neighborhood. He didn’t understand how people could happily live in such a place.

He almost had a seizure the first time he had moved into the neighborhood with his dad following his mum’s death. His mum had always been the breadwinner and his dad could barely sustain a job because of his deteriorating health and incredible hospital bills.

His dad had been disgusted at the sight of their new neighborhood much like his son, but being the father he was, assured it was only temporary, they would move out within a matter of months. He had after all, recently landed a job that seemed to have considered sustaining him especially because of his health. It was one of the many corporations striving to stand out from the rest by discarding the widely held view of them as anti-humanists.

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Fed Up – The Rapist

WARNING: This is really outrageous and a purely experimental fiction.

I am lonely. I am very lonely. I should have a great life, but I don’t; not by my standards at least.

I have some great friends, let me come again, I have some of the awesomest[sic] friends one could possibly hope for.

They make up for a lot of the things most people would consider missing in my life. Like I dunno, a girlfriend. And no, my awesome friends aren’t only boys, there are girls in there too.

In fact, there are more girls, but, there’s always that but huh.

And there’s also that butt which belongs to Yaa. Oh mi Lord!

Yaa is beautiful beyond measure and so is June. They’re both fine as er… hell! So why won’t they free me from my loneliness, well, you know, there’s that thing called the friend zone. Like I said, I have the awesomest friends.

Okay, that’s a lie. I bet if I just approached them on the matter, they’d be more than willing to you know, be there for me, officially.

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An Act of Random Kindness: A Short Story By My Friend Rya Kuewor

There was a shout from an old man, who almost immediately after, got eclipsed by a sudden wave of rushing water. I did manage however to catch his words; “der junge, der junge, er ist noch im Fenster”.

I looked towards my left only to see, standing in the window of what seemed to be a wine shop, a little boy around the ages of seven and eight, his eyes pale green, his face, devoid of color. He had his trousers rolled up to his knees, the water, obviously, had defeated the purpose, for he was soaked through and through.

I turned around for a brief moment only to see the unfortunate old man being washed away. Our eyes locked, and within it all, he smiled as if to say goodbye. I was so frightened then, as I was, the first time a cockroach found its way into my shirt. Even an old man, I thought, who deserved peace until the last of his days? How much more me?

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