NCCE’s Citizenship Week


[This post was originally written on Thrusday, May 26th 2016]

I have been at my national service post in Tamale for the last nine months. While I haven’t done as much as I would have liked, I’ve done some administrative work and attempted bolstering civic clubs in schools. I have failed miserably at the latter.

Formerly the week marking Ghana’s adoption of the 1992 constitution from April 28 – May 4 as Constitution Week, Citizenship Week was implemented to be all encompassing by the current EC chair, Charlotte Osei. In honor, the National Commission for Civic Education is on a mission in schools to a) sensitize kids on the constitution especially considering it’s election year, and b) bolster civic clubs.

In light of that, today was different. I actually did something, not much, but worthwhile. My handler and I, along with a Development Education intern from the University for Development Studies and his handler, launched a civic club in the Zogbeli Block C Junior High School.

It wasn’t much, about fifteen minutes of explaining and educating but it meant a great deal to me and I hope to the kids as well.

I’d love to see how far the Commission pushes this agenda, I’m hopeful it’s not just a week long gig.

I’ll update whenever I can. Meanwhile, check out a few moments I captured below.

[I have since deleted the photos considering the little issue I had.]

[The opening paragraph of this post on May 28, 2016 originally read: I have been at my national service post in Tamale for the last nine months. While I haven’t done much , the little I’ve done involved typing and editing a document centered on elections and resurrecting civic clubs in schools. I failed miserably at the latter.]




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