Celebrating Ghanaian Animation: the Golden Movie Awards


We’re crazy excited to announce that the animated films of COMFORT ARTHUR andFRANCIS Y. BROWN have been nominated in the Golden Animation category of theGolden Movie Awards.

In its second year, the award will for the first time, highlight Ghanaian animation talent. The nominated films are Brown’s school project, Agorkoli: Cause of Hogbetsotso, a retelling of the history of the Ewe people and Comfort’s films, the Peculiar Life of a Spider,a dark comedy abut how Kwaku Anansi tackles issues such as depression and identity crisis and Imaging. Continue reading


The World Needs (Ghanaian) Stories

The short film form seems almost alien in Ghana where producers prefer standard runtime options, sometimes even stretching beyond bearable lengths. Ghallywood and Kumawood are fast becoming household references even though the names suck but hey, these movies abound in the market, on the streets and online. However lackluster in writing, acting and production quality, the films can not be easily dismissed due to a growing audience on the continent and in the diaspora. Of course there are a few exception depending on whose opinion you’re seeking.

I’m happy to tell you today, folks, that a storm – a really robust web storm – is brewing and I can only hope it results in a hurricane, the likes of which never before seen in the Ghanaian movie industry.

Oh right, I haven’t said anything yet. I actually don’t have to – see for yourself.

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FOKN BOIS are coming to Chale Wote 2014 with COS OV MONI

FOKN BOIS are coming to Chale Wote 2014 with COS OV MONI

We’re excited about CHALE WOTE 2014 and we can’t wait to see all you fine people out there show up. We have a lot of amazing things happening at this year’s event with an incredible slew of creatives who are sure to blow your mind.

Just like last year’s event, we’re holding a film festival where we’re showcasing what’s new, hot, fresh and upcoming on the continent and beyond, by talented African directors, from all over. We’re showcasing some awesome films you most likely haven’t seen yet, as well as premiering new films and documentaries. Have you seen the incredible Coz ov Moni by our homeboys, the FOKN BOIS? What about Blitz the Ambassador’s Native SunTerence Nance‘s phantasmic An Oversimplification of Her Beauty or Giacomo Pecci’s evocative Try and See? You also get to watch a set of stunning music videos that we’re bumping, plus catch up with ACCRA [dot] ALT’s activities.

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