Celebrating Ghanaian Animation: the Golden Movie Awards


We’re crazy excited to announce that the animated films of COMFORT ARTHUR andFRANCIS Y. BROWN have been nominated in the Golden Animation category of theGolden Movie Awards.

In its second year, the award will for the first time, highlight Ghanaian animation talent. The nominated films are Brown’s school project, Agorkoli: Cause of Hogbetsotso, a retelling of the history of the Ewe people and Comfort’s films, the Peculiar Life of a Spider,a dark comedy abut how Kwaku Anansi tackles issues such as depression and identity crisis and Imaging.

As “an annual award that seeks to honor outstanding achievement in the African television, digital media and film industries”, I can’t help but wonder why only two films have been nominated. A number of films have been produced within the year of review (January 1st to December 31st) across the continent that could have been nominated. It makes absolute sense if it was a Ghanaian award scheme but it is not and thus needs to be more inclusive. Projects such as Yellow Fever for example are an unfortunate, inexcusable exemption on everyone’s part. Perhaps like me, creators heard very little about the award, or didn’t think too much of it (it is but an infant after all) to submit their projects.

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