Un-punned Delight

The Electricity Company of Ghana, aka Electricity Comes and Goes when we are constantly toyed with and simply ECG when we get value returns for services rendered has I hope for the better, gone back to it’s original mission of electricity provision with as minimum interruption as possible; in my neighborhood at least.

A while back, they indiscriminately and to an extent very inconsiderately, disrespectfully and tauntingly deprived us of service we were, and still are entitled to.

It was that bad so much that, fuming, I wrote this to express my distraught.

A facebook friend’s post joggled my memory back to a tag-line I had seen earlier. It goes something like ECG, delighting our customers. The irony; at the time at least.

ECG has done something which presently seems very rare, albeit not so previously. They’ve kept a rather consistent supply of power since the start of the Easter celebrations. I am much pleased at this development.

Not meaning to jinx it, I hope they continue delighting (unintended pun) us and not all so suddenly remind us who the real power broker is.

They’ve done well considering the shitty service we’ve had to deal with for a while now.

So ECG, thank you, more grease to your elbows more cables to connect to your substations, and thank you.


Dear ecg


Dear ecg
I am Ghanaian and
I can understand that your level of incompetence spans the universe; it is so glaring even with God’s eyes shut, you still send shivers down his spine.
I understand that you operate within an environment in which you hold a monopoly, an environment in which the cost of doing the right thing (like suing your asses or putting y’all in some equally challenging [legal or not] shit), far outweighs (supposedly) the desired result.
I understand that your clients’ minds have long been conditioned into leaving it all in Gods hands, never preparing for anything (let alone the worst) but always hoping for the best.
I understand that you operate within a climate where those with the power to put you on your toes aren’t bothered, afterall, you’re just a convenience and thus they can afford alternatives.
I am sure you’ve read and heard countless other rants like this for soooooo damn long.
So let me get to the point
If you know you’re incapable of doing what you’re paid for, inform us so we know what to do and alter our expectations accordingly.
Don’t give us a schedule if you know very well you won’t stick by it.
Don’t be consistent with a certain kind of terrible service and in one intake of air, change tactics. This is not war, this is not the fucking premier league!
Oh yes the premier league..
I don’t care for soccer but boy do u mess with us all when u show what a champion you are.
You must be playing some league of your own..

Very often u come up with some lame excuse,and I guess because you figure we’re stupid,quickly change it when you realize oh shit..that didn’t come out right, shit is about to hit the fan!
I would have loved to take issue with the government..but you have been pretty much the same for as long as I can remember.
Oh “behated” ecg, either you’re vying for some sorta crown or something…cuz honestly…y’all are the kings of fucking people up…
Some advice..its high time you take a cue from all the backronyms assigned to your name.like oh i don’t know….either candle or generator,electricity comes and goes, do that and we’ll understand u and defend you boldly…
So yeah,ecg thanks for killing what little creativity i have left in me!!!
fire burn u muthafuckas!!!!

Sincerely a fed up patron!!