Help Fund An Accra Skatepark

In 2012, I had a question: where are the skateparks in Accra? I didn’t get a satisfactory answer. 5 years later, this question might just be answered. If we successfully fund a proper skatepark in Accra that is. 

Some context; my context.

Accra skatepark skateboard Ghana

Oh look, it’s me, KaDi, your friendly neighbourhood amateur skateboarder.

In 2012, I had a question: where are the skateparks in Accra? Then I pushed it to the back of my mind and focused on akolabone; with it’s many skateboarding inspirations and themes (free akolabone skateboarding wallpaper here).

I had a dream. I wanted to be a skateboarder. But I was way too broke then to purchase a board from the Accra Mall; the only place I knew that sold them. 

My dream remained just that, a dream.


Fast forward 2017, scrolling through Bob Pixels’ delightful Instagram feed and voila, I discover Adrys Skate and a growing niche of skateboarders in the city.


Adrys Matende kickflips at the Achimota, Mile 7 Skatepark. | Photo by Bob Pixel

I connect with Adrys who tells me about two skating locations; Mile 7 (underneath an overpass at Achimota) and the Accra International Trade Fair Centre. All of them are improv sites really. The Mile 7 park fascinates me the most, even though I haven’t yet been there.

I discover League SB (formerly Hey Skateboarder), Africa Skateboarding Diary, Surf Ghana and Cephyo (another skateboarder).

Then #ChaleWote2017 happened.

I hopped on a skateboard for the first time a few weeks before the start of the festival. A few slips, guidance from Ganyo Bi “Scarecrow” Dindin and encouragement from Shadow later, I felt the rush!

A few weeks later, we were at the DuBois Centre for the last day of the LABS at Chale Wote 2017. A Ghanaian skateboarding documentary was screened, followed by an eye-opening panel discussion that left me pumped! The passion, grit and dedication Ghana’s skateboarders have been working with over the years is admirable and exemplary.

Surf Ghana discussing Ghana skateboarding at a panel at Chale Wote

Surf Ghana discuss skateboarding in Ghana at the LABS during Chale Wote 2017

Kick flip into the next day – at Brazil House, James Town – and an artfully decked out exhibition by Surf Ghana was what greeted all who came through. There was a skateboarding contest during the festival that I missed. But no problem.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Skip ahead to September and the start of League SB’s 2017 Skateboarding League. Yup, you read that right! What’s even better? We (akolabone) partnered with the league – it’s only natural that we did – and will be offering shirts and merch from our #BeEpic collection.

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The bad child partners 🔥 #skateboardingleague

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Back to the matter. The league is small but has the potential to grow into something really huge. But that growth will only make giant leaps if a proper skatepark is built. This, so skateboarders can ride in peace and safety; and only worry about landing their next trick.

This is the polar opposite of skating along the streets next to cars and other vehicles. If you think motorbikes are annoying while you drive, wait until you meet skateboarders who just wanna soar with the wind. As exciting as that is,  safety first is a mantra that will definitely attract more people to the sport (I’m looking at all you bougee folk).

Get a skatepark then funding can trickle in. Investors and the likes will have more tangible evidence of how huge skateboarding (and extreme sports generally) could be in Ghana. While the prize money for the league winners is small, it’s a good small investment that will create more value for the sport.

Skateboard in Accra

KaDi out!

Do I own a skateboard yet? Ask me again in November and you can punch me if I don’t. For now, though, help fund an Accra skatepark and also check out match highlights from the ongoing league below.

PS: Check out Skate Nation GH’s archive for more Ghana skateboarding videos and photos. Also,

KaDi out.


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