If you’re a writer and need a linux alternative to say Final Draft or Magic Screenwriter or just want a damn good option, you have three options; Celtx, Trelby and Scrivener (costs around $40).

I have not tried the last one so no comment there, although I must say the features on it’s website are em, finger inspiring!

Trelby is cool, but not quite what I want, thus Celtx.

Installing Trelby was a breeze, i just had to sudo apt-get install something, I don’t recall the package’s name (I’m sure it’s just trelby so try “sudo apt-get install trelby” if you want to try that out).

Celtx on the other hand, OMG! I was able to install it in Quantal Quetzal after scouring the internet for days. I don’t recall how I did it or what made it work, all I recall is how I had to start each time; a bit of a chore actually. I first double clicked the celtx-bin and then the celtx script, or the other way round.

I, in my Ubuntu adventures as always, mistakenly deleted my home folder so I lost this configuration amongst other pretty important stuff. I upgraded to Raring Ringtail and tried getting good ol’ Celtx back.

Almost a nightmare. Thank god I discovered this forum, (where I didn’t actually take the suggestion serious) and later this one, which did the trick for me. So if you’re interested in Celtx, which IMHO is way better, follow these guidelines:

Download the tar.bz2 archive from Celtx here (scroll down, the free version is there).

Extract it anywhere you want.

Open Nautilus as root (either sudo nautilus in the terminal, or hit ALT + F2, type gksu Nautilus in dash and click).

Copy the extracted Celtx directory into /usr/local/ (Computer, then /usr/local in Raring).

Open up your terminal and type sudo apt-get install alacarte .

Once installed, open up Alacarte. Do this from the terminal by typing Alacarte and hitting enter or from the dash, it should appear as Main Menu.

Screenshot from 2013-05-17 17:40:16

Click on New Item, in the right corner of the app. Then key these in the appropriate fields:

Type: Application

Name: Celtx
Commandline: /usr/local/celtx/celtx
Comment: Screenwriting

Screenshot from 2013-05-17 17:40:56

Hold your horses, don’t click ok yet. Click the spring icon on the side of the fields you just filled.

Go scouting the Celtx icon in /usr/local/celtx/celtx/icons/default48png

Now you can click ok.

Open up your dash, type in Celtx, click on it and bam!



Oh, a heads up, you can right click the icon that appears on the launcher and lock it to it!

There are some online alternatives as well. Again, Celtx is in there, as well as Scripped and Adobe Story (which like Celtx comes with it’s own app, but sadly for Linux users, it runs on Adobe Air which is no longer supported for Linux)

Happy Screenwriting Days My Friends!


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