Third Week in da T

Tamale's Artsy Road Signs

Tamale’s Artsy Road Signs

Today marks three weeks in Tamale for me and boy has it been an awkward thirteen days of September.

I start my service tomorrow and I do not look forward to it.

I still don’t have my own place to just hang, yet. I’m still working on that. I’ve got some pretty cool offers compared to Accra but the locals here tell me those are kinda up the tier so I’m still digging around and maybe, just maybe, I’m being cheap.

But hey, things are expensive now, you’ll do about anything to cut costs too I hope.

I’ve made some friends. The newest and possibly the closest or rather, most likable, is an imposing Christian fanatic.

The irony.

Work! Now work, I think I should be fired. I’m constantly being hit with the brutal truth that I can only thrive in a laissez-faire work environment where there isn’t so much pressure and I’m allowed some creative space. Either that or I need a dedicated shrink to pry me outta the overwhelming web of insignificance I keep wandering off into.

My mind is so muddled I can barely think. I can hardly get my thoughts together or get my ass up out of the bare, hot, single-room dwelling I’m currently bunking in. I’m so out of my zone I hardly get online, only managing a few WhatsApp messages at a time to inquire about stuff.

I have been unable to track what’s happening in the world, follow up on stuff that matter to me, heck, I haven’t even been able to push my boy Worlasi’s upcoming tape, do post Chale Wote stuff, check on akolabone, check on ACCRA[dot]ALT nor update Squid Magazine.

I think the lack of mundane stuff like a table and chair is 70% to blame. Like, there is no chair where I am and it really gets to me.

But not anymore.

Furniture or none, my short bout of techno depression is over although I must say, I’ve been on SnapChat a number of times which is interesting considering it is usually the last place I am whether I’m on or off my metaphobe steez and also how airtel treats me here sometimes (I’ve been trying to post since noon).

I can’t wait to get my ass back on IG and FB.

Oh boy.

I resumed work on a story that should have ended sometime in August and I’m positive about myself once again. I believe I’m on track; for what I can’t say exactly. I’m expecting a computer by Tuesday so the pain of my loss at least should be eased.

Tamale from here on should be fun.

Fingers crossed.