Dunamis: Hope For The Marginalized


Ghanaian investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas in 2011 together with a local journalist and an activist released a documentary that showed harrowing visuals of the ordeal of Albinos in Tanzania, who are believed to be vested with magical power. According to an Al- Jazeera article on the documentary, for some people, “a white-skinned African person is seen as a kind of phantom or ghost, who rather than die, will dissolve or disappear with the wind and rain”. 

That begs the question, how much do you know about the struggles of albinos or people considered physically handicapped? Do they have friends? How do they interact with the world? How do they deal especially in extremely conservative societies where perceived irregularities in behavior and appearance are a recipe for discrimination?

Answering such questions is what the Urban Design Kings collective seek to do through their comic, Dunamis.


The comic follows the life of Kenny, an albino who, in addition to being a loner and target practice for school bullies thanks to his hereditary lack of hair, skin and eye pigmentation and desire to focus on his education, has to deal with a witch doctor who’s obviously after his body parts for some nefarious purpose.

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