Afrogames: An Animated Series

You’re walking down the street when you hear something loud from behind you with such force that your hairs briefly rise in alarm. Instinct kicks in and you step to the side then look behind you. You kiss your teeth, smirk and amusingly scold yourself for the silly scare. In fact, you look on nostalgically as a bunch of kids zoom past you in what looks like a wheelbarrow race but really is just them pushing old car tires with sticks in them, sometimes with water for lubrication.

akolabone Back In The Day

Tire x Sticks Illustrated by Okyne Taylor

The unburdened excitement plastered on their faces stirs something within you. Ah, childhood memories. Then you wonder, what if? What if the rest of the world knew nothing of your childhood games, how do you share? Then it hits you: animation!


Thoughts like these must have besieged the hearts of the folks at Association Burkinabé du Cinéma d’Animation (ABCA) who put out a pilot episode for an animated series titled Afrogames. Afrogames is an animated series that tells tales of African society through the eyes of five unusual children and their undying passion for African games in a fictional futuristic world called Afritenga.

Check out the full scoop Afrogames, the African animated series here.


So, tell me, what do you think???

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