Abuela Grillo

I came across this beautiful animated short I can’t help but share. It’s titled Abuela Grillo which I suspect is Dominican (no idea why) for Rain Goddess. Hang on let me Google Translate.  Ha, I’m so far off. It means Cricket Grandmother [🤔] and it’s actually Spanish. The animation is an adaptation of Bolivian Ayoreo mythology.

It’s a 12 minute animation about an old woman whose only joy is to sing and with it, bring rains and crop. The story follows her as she’s rejected by a village she nearly floods because of her warm reception to her ensnarement by agents of capitalism and corporate greed. It’s 2D, straightforward,  has interesting character designs, a delightful score, beautiful anthropomorphism and you should definitely watch it. 🙂


So, tell me, what do you think???

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