Hiplife On A String: Adomaa’s Ingenuity


Ghanaian music continues to undergo a metamorphosis into what can only be described as awesome! From Osibisa’s early beginnings, Gyedu-Blay’s euphoria evoking baritone voice and trumpet to Efya’s soulful, powerful yet peaceful voice, Sarkodie’s tongue twisting antics to Pappy Kojo’s funky Fante bars, Worlasi’s language chasm bridging  afrobeat raps and songs, I daresay this is a revolution and all praise to technology, the revolution is being televised, at least on the internet anyway.

Over the past year, Ghanaians have jammed so hard to Sarkodie and Castro’s Adonai and Stonebwoy and Sarkodie’s Baafira that from time to time, I often momentarily get sore from hearing these songs.

That can be quite the chore but perhaps no more. Curtains parted, spotlight on, stage smoke rising, silent anticipation, onto the stage, Adomaa.

With nothing but a finger drumming on an acoustic guitar, synchronized with simple chords, and soft claps, Adomaa completely switches up the hard hitting songs, Adonai and Baafira, into a uniquely creative, wonderful, jazz, soul and afrobeat medley that penetrates the core of your being, unrestrained.

Of course her beautiful voice works magic, sending unending ripples of goose pimples crawling all over your body, enough to put your dermatologist out of commission.

The spark in her eyes combined with her classy composure and humorous, coy facial jests make her mashup video all the more endearing, not to mention,her beauty. No, seriously!

Smile, you've got Adomaa

Smile, you’ve got Adomaa

With a great voice, creativity, excellent musical composition and arrangement, sensuality, a sense of joie de vivre and a fun atmosphere about her, Adomaa definitely has the goods in her backyard to be successful.

Peep the video below.


So, tell me, what do you think???

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