It’s ten to ten, ECG is having a field day – they’ve been at it all week – my internet is especially crappy and my battery power is dancing around 40%. Then there’s my mind, I can’t put it to rest. I’ve been on a caffeine binge this week, hoping to find ways to make the coffee actually keep me awake – I’m kind of regretting it now – so drum roll,

I’m in my word processor.
Life is moving so fast, sometimes too fast that we can’t actually keep track. Maybe that isn’t entirely true, ECG tends to remind us more times than we can thank the universe for, to appreciate stuff going on around, however mundane or exciting.
Have you ever paused to consider the “what ifs”? What if ECG didn’t exist? How would we draw power? Perhaps we would rely on the sun and our current load shedding idiocy would be non-existent? Or like a friend had me thinking, more people could work from home since there is an abundance of electricity or better, a reliable power supply schedule? Imagine if we had the freedom working from home, the flexibility, the ability to get right to a task as the inspiration rains down in torrents.

Imagine how much traffic there would be in town; I could ideally get from Airport West to Accra Central in a matter of minutes at ten in the morning! That will however affect the many hawkers reliant on passengers for their daily bread. Then again, given the abundance of no hawking here signs in town, lots of lives can be saved in the long term. No more risk of death by motorists, from fatigue – hawkers deserve an award for the amount of energy they exhaust just to earn very little income – and very importantly (to me anyway), their humanity.

Urgh! Damn this power cut. Pause, what if we set up a school that focused on technology, surely, they would find solutions to problems as important and yet basic as electricity provision. Oh hang on, there’s KNUST. I wonder what scientific theory is being taught. Hopefully, like magic, our problems would be solved. I dunno.
Pause, man has been on the moon. We’re men too aren’t we? I’ve heard of no black man that’s been on the moon or in space for that matter; definitely no Africans and as real as the power of ECG is to any Ghanaian (excluding Roman Ridge residents), no Ghanaians; be it via a space shuttle or “nye bro” prestidigitations.
I’ve been in my sneakers all day, I need to take them off. Where is my chale wote? Ha! Chale Wote! Pause, there’s beauty all around us; it just takes perspective to see it. There is beauty in art and art is beauty. Do you follow? (I think I lost myself there somewhere). What if the Chale Wote Street Art Festival didn’t exist? That means I wouldn’t see a really dope, artistic impression on the bland, cold blooded, infuriating, degrading and disrespectful “Remove Now” brand AMA so loves to write by Jason Nico-Annnan. The artist gave life to the beauty that is Ama. Note, Ama is the person and AMA the defilers.


AMA was here some


Pause, what if AMA actually did their job and properly allocated land titles and deeds and whatever nifty paperwork they are mandated to attend to and did away with the back enveloping and palm greasing, there wouldn’t be the need for artists to impress on their boring trademark right? Even better, property owners won’t be baffled by the “Produce Permit” trademark either. I’m just saying.

Pause, when last did you seek permission to go to the bathroom? I don’t remember, although I do recall some silly lecturers demanding students seek their permission before they step out, how silly! I bring this to the fore because of the seeming lack of innovation and creativity in the country. I actu…

[22/02/2016 – Update:I can;t find the rest of this post. Sorry.]


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