Blog Title and Tagline

The title of my blog is “The Workings of a Socially Awkward”s Cranium” and is inspired by my interactions with people. I can’t quite seem to get along smoothly with people I meet – oh the weird and awkward moments I’ve had – leading me to the conclusion that I’m socially awkward. My blog therefore is supposed to be a reservoir of my musings.
My tagline, “Gears and Pistons in Motion chale” simply describes the clockwork of thoughts in my head. Chale is a Ghanaian (and Nigerian) thing that’s synonymous to “dude”, “homey”, “friend” etc. 🙂
And oh, my blog’s url!
Thanks @dianebidi for the reminder.


One thought on “Blog Title and Tagline

  1. Love the blog title – even better IMHO if it were …of a Socially Awkward Cranium. Just a suggestion. :-). Don’t feel you need to approve this post, or make the change.

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