Chale Wote Street art festival; Photo Gallery by MESH TV

and it was a blast!!

MESH Creative

Chale Wote street art festival is always a great congregation of some of the best Ghanaian creatives.  Dotted all over the High Street in James Town, Accra, for the two days was a barrage of photographers, models, graphic designers, programmers, architects, comedians, actors, poets, musicians, artists, architects, urban designers, TV personalities, videographers, fashion designers and the list goes on and an. The festival attracted families, the local folk, tourists, festival and art lovers alike as the streets and walls of James Town became the canvas for different forms of artistic expression such as , theatrical and musical performances,  street processions, graffiti and mural painting, film, extreme sports (skating, bmx, and motorcycle stunts) not forgetting our very own MESHLab redesign=rebirth installation. MESHTV was there this year to capture the experience. More photos and videos coming soon. Enjoy!

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