New Lyricists

Meant to post this yesterday..:)

I’m a big fan of dope lyrics in music as much as I am of the instrumental. Most people it seems however, are more fans of the instrumental plus the delivery of “lyrics”, in this case rap lyrics than they are of the instrumental complemented by dope delivery and even dopper lyrics.

I believe there was once a time when Ghanaian music if for nothing at all, had some very witty and creative lyrics, which, despite being pretty dumb, has the abiltiy to subject itself to different intepretations depending on the listener. Hurray! That was awesome!

The current trend of music however, chale so so irrelvance sorr, no substance. This has been going on for long chale, with the likes of especially Captain Planet spitting the most nonsensical lyrics imaginable.

I’ve realized there isn’t even a “Lyricist of the Year” category at our music awards ceremony chale. Only a few musicians have actually taken the time to put out dope lyrics that still get us on our feet, aka, Sarkodie. He’s been doing that for long! Let’s not forget the FOKN Bois who have since whenever, been dropping thought provocative lyrics, even when they’re fooling chale.

That’s not saying these are the only lyrical rappers in Ghana ooooo. I remember the Skillions crew and how they blew me away with their lyrical content and beats. Rumor chale, Rumor. That guy Rumor chale! Ok enough, but chale Rumor! Take Joey B for instance, yeah he released Tonga, cool, but have you heard him on the Skillions New Generation Mixtape? The same goes for Kevin Beats and a whole slew of acts. There are many an underground rapper out there spewing some venomous dopeness going unnoticed, aka Lyrical Wanzam et. al.

But it’ll seem this year is one for lyricism from the more mainstream rappers. M.anifest has always been lyrical, but I love him even more for his Debi Debi tune. Then take Sarkodie, I totally adore his Peace, and just now, I listened to C-Real’s Reality Check and I’m wowed. Finally, people are talking about issues, no more plenty gyimi gyimi mumu songs.

What’s more, I downloaded Nkenten’s eBook/interview session, “Not FOKN Around” and the FOKN Bois articulate a lot of my views way better than I ever could. So while you’re at it, go download it and read.

All I can say is, I hope all the artistes start a trend where those who drop “awam” lyrics are considered just that, awam. In short, I hope we celeberate awesomeness and not mediocrity. Then again, I’m sure people will debate which songs are mediocre or not, although I think that’s pretty to see; again, Captain Planet!

Oh I got my heart broken last week when Nana Osei informed me of Kay-Ara – another dope guy’s – decision to put down the mic. Oh chale! I’m not big on Shatta Wale, but I hear he talks about issues in his music too. Cool!


So, tell me, what do you think???

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