So having read countless blogs talking about the best ways to be productive, a particular method keep coming up and so i decided to try it. Lifehacker calls it the Seinfeld Productivity Secret and it’s simply a “Don’t-break-the-chain” thing.

One simply gets a calendar and crosses an “X” on each day s/he is able to accomplish a goal. the idea is that, a continuous, flowing number of big red X’s boosts confidence to continue achieving that goal plus the added benefit of improving whatever it is one is doing, say writing, playing an instrument, working out, whatever. Practice does make perfect after all.

I started the same thing and while I won’t mention all the things I’m trying to achieve, I will mention that I am beginning to see results in some of them, the ones I’ve been able to do without breaking the chain.

Sadly, I have not been able to keep up with some other important ones such as writing a page everyday, reading a chapter everyday and, wait for it, studying everyday. (Yeah, i know..)

I had to dumb down the writing goal a bit and after much failure, tweaking and reflection, have decided to do like a short story everyday for an hour, finished or not. If whatever I’ve written excites me enough, I should continue later.

So far, I’ve written just once with a good excuse..I was on a mighty uncomfortable six hour journey so yeah. On the third day (today), I will write another short story ( I don’t think I can call them flash fiction despite how short they are but hey!).

So yeah, I hope this grooms me into a fine writer. I’ll post my first Seinfeld story in a bit.

Oh btw, I got this really basic but efficient Android app for managing my “don’t-break-the-chain” project. the app is aptly called MyChain and is available on the Play store. I hear a good one for iOS is ChainsCC.


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