Ghanaian Tech People [Do Something Before You …]: Steam OS


A new Debian based Linux operating system was recently released in Beta and while, I don’t have my hands on it( I doubt I would for a while), the idea behind it is awesome. It’s mostly a gaming Linux distribution.

Need I explain further? Okay, so you know Ubuntu ships in several flavors for whatever user needs may be, such as Ubuntu Studio  for multimedia guys, Edubuntu for education oriented people etc. (you do know right?), well pretend SteamOS is one of those Ubuntu releases meant for gaming; except it is independent of Ubuntu.

But that’s just the icing on the cake. SteamOS is actually gonna work with a dedicated console. So just like the PlayStation, Steam is the console and like XrossMediaBar, SteamOS provides the software!

Now where the big opportunity is….

If you’re familiar with Linux, you know it’s a lot about modifying, hacking, alterating and any synonyms that come to mind. Thus, the whole concept, the console i.e. can be taken up as DIY project.

The hardware requirements are as follows:

  • Processor: Intel or AMD 64-bit capable processor
  •  Memory: 4GB or more RAM
  •  Hard Drive: 500GB or larger disk
  •  Video Card: NVIDIA graphics card
  • (AMD and Intel graphics support coming soon!)
  •  Additional:UEFI boot support
  • USB port for installation


Considering doing business , in order to sell, you’d need a licence of sorts though.

So my Ghana people, I believe herein lies a wonderful opportunity to actually make something technologically innovative, how about build a Steam machine, and who knows, you might well be on your way to being a relevant OEM and at least, an African gaming innovator!!!!



So, tell me, what do you think???

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