The Battle Is The Lord’s

This is a piece written by my friend James D. Makumator for a theater production he featured in recently. It focuses on the recent election petition…. pretty cool!

Peace! Peace!! Peace!!!

Justice or no Justice, you’ve got to practice what you preach

The tensions keep rising

The police keep flexing, the masses are whining

This is unprecedented but is it necessary?

Nonetheless, we are all here in one piece,

Enjoying our early morning weekday traffic “madness” as well as the ever intriguing Friday night life.

Ghanaians like their “gbonyo parties”, their all-night services and their live band fashion.

So I wonder who will be willing to let go these things

Just to help someone achieve his presidential ambition.

Afari Gyan and president Mahama are “stealers”,

“They rigged the elections, we must seek justice”!

“Go to court if you want, after all any idiot can go to court”!!

Atuguba and friends are ready for the “battle of the pink sheets”

Petitioners and respondents came out all guns blazing

All eyes are watching, all ears are listening

Media commentary is the order of the day.

Ghana has come to a standstill, production is dwindling, and the economy is retrogressing

“On the face of the pinks sheets, you and I were not there”

“At the heart of the matter, you petition has no merit”

Ghanaians are anxious, their patience is being tested

Witnesses are sweating, tempers are flaring

Lawyers are boasting

And thank GOD for opinions,

Social media is abuzz

Insults are being hurled in the name of democracy

The laws have been tested

Waa look…even the “animal” called “contempt” has been tempted

But this time around the “Loud-mouths” have not been spared

Lessons have been learnt,

The curtains are now closing

The “reality show” has come to an eventful end

“At long last the battle of pink-sheets are over”

Justice has been served

Though bitter, it has been accepted

Life goes on

The Supreme Court has spoken, but the court of public opinion is still undecided.

PEACEFUL, it has been


“The Battle is still the Lord’s”


So, tell me, what do you think???

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