The Lüscher Test

I just took a personality test online whose results were so-so accurate, about 60% by my count. I wasn’t asked any questions, all I had to do was select in order of preference, about 7 colors. Here’s my result.

Your Desired Objectives:

This section deals with the actual way in which you want to view your present situation. It is an idealized environment in which you would like to live and work.

You are a person who feels bogged down by a lot of problems and actively seek a way out for emotional release. A secure atmosphere complete with physical comforts is what you really want to relax and recharge your batteries.

You as a person have an intense longing for love and tenderness from your parents, your partner or any loved one. People like you crave sympathy from others and dream about a situation of perfect harmony. You are also very aesthetically minded and have an eye for beauty.

Your Existing Situation:

This section deals with the actual conditions in which you are existing at the present moment, and are totally irrespective of whether you like them or not.

You are an emotionally sensitive person, one who is also quite aesthetically inclined. As such, your primary desires center around a sensitive and caring partner, or cleaner, sophisticated surroundings, both of which give you peace and contentment.

You are a very stressed out person. The reasons are that you perceive the situation around you to be non-conducive to your progress, but are clearly unable to decide the right course of remedial action. Secondly, this leads to non-fulfillment of hopes and desires, which promotes frustration.

Your Characteristics Under Restraint:

This section outlines the ways in which you are consciously suppressing your natural tendencies, in accordance with the present situation you find yourself in.

You feel boxed in and have this imperative need to broaden your sphere of activity. You strongly feel that your hopes and ideas to achieve this are realistic and practical. However, the fear of being stopped from trying to do so is what makes you mentally anxious. You definitely need an atmosphere of peace and quiet, which gives you the quiet confidence to regain your beliefs.

You are a person who tends to shy away from an open confrontational situation, because of an innate lack of confidence in your own convictions. However, you wish to hide this weakness from others. You realize that it is inevitable for you to compromise and make do with the best of what you have.

Your Rejected Characteristics:

This outlines the negative feeling that arises within your mentality, given the fact that you have to forcefully suppress your natural desires in the existing environment.

You incur a lot of stress due to your intensity of behavior and emotions. You feel there are restrictions imposed on the above by your surrounding environment, as well as by people known to you. This creates intense frustration and resentment, and you quickly wish to break free from these limitations. You wish to act only in accordance with your own wishes and refuse to listen to anyone else. Persons like you are independent by nature and constantly resist any attempt to control them.

You tend to perceive the whole environment around you to be hostile, and feel extremely agitated and mentally distressed by the fact. You feel driven against your will by the situation, and a huge pressure as a result. This drives you mad because of your abject desperation and failure to control the whole situation. You become rebellious at heart and resentful of everything and everyone around you.

Your Actual Problem:

This is the last section, which outlines the basic or core problem arising in your life, which you may or may not be conscious about. It is advised that suitable remedial measures should be undertaken to arrive at a harmonious balance with the present conditions.

You certainly display conflicting emotions my friend! On one hand, you have a need for a stable and secure environment. On the other hand, you are likely to put in vigorous efforts to gain special social recognition.

You have two reasons to feel dejected or depressed – either the circumstances are preventing you from social success, or else there is some unfulfilled emotional relations. This makes you gloomy and dejected at times. It also drives you to constantly search for new activities, new avenues in the hope that these might give him greater happiness.

An extract from the site I found this says:

          "The Color Test based on Dr. Max Lüscher is on of the most precise tools of all times. The Color Test is an effective tool that attempts to throw light on significant aspects of the  human personality. Taking the Color Test can help an individual gauge his problems in life and where he stands and also what action needs to be taken to get out of it."

I dunno if, this can be truly be an effective method of analyzing people. At best, the inventor of the test, the Lüscher Color Test, Max Lüscher, seems legit in many ways, heck, he even graduated summa cum laude with his thesis.

Taking the test was fun and at the same time very awkward, but fun nonetheless. You should try it as well, right here and remember to tell me what you think about it.






So, tell me, what do you think???

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