Shady Serendipity

January 17, 2011


Life isn’t fair

But sure isn’t dark

Just different shades

Black and White

And a palette

Of other colours

Blending in just right

The unfortunate and the unlucky

The lucky and the prosperous grime

In which they’re coated

Seeming all perfect

And for the ghosts

Serving the king’s men;

All we do is gripe!

About this and that,

And that and nothing

With lances of hope

We hope to joust

And with knight’s pride,

Emerge victorious!

That! A lone, alone fantasy

With envy we grapple

With soul positivity

And mindful serendipity

Filled with joy at the turntables

A serenade we play

For the good that rewards us

Mourning the grief, suffering and strife

In solemn distress for modesty,

Respect, disrespect for individual qualities

The stress and the joy – this serendipity

Different shades

Coat of many colours

Van Gogh’s palette

The story of Joseph

Inspired by Elijah Batimena 


So, tell me, what do you think???

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