Why Bother?!!

Is love hard to find?

Or am I looking in the wrong places?

Or is this a masquerade jam

That has me looking at the wrong faces?

I’m past puberty

So I wonder if perhaps,

I’m stuck in an infinite loop

Of adolescent phases.

I hate talking about love

It’s too corny

But here I am with this;

What’s gotten over me?

Or perhaps it’s infatuation

That’ll explain why I’m always horny;

Around you

And while this is true,

I must come clean

You’re nothing like my kind of girl

You’re the exact opposite

And yet it’s for you I fiend

Mary Jane.

I wish your name was Mary Jane.

A fleeting moment of affection and satisfaction so unreal.

When it’s over, I’m back at you, I want more

Even though it’s all the same

What a shame.

I should invest my time, my energies, myself into something else

Like, I dunno, material wealth, knowledge, wisdom and everything else

I need, to have a fulfilling life,

But like the earth turns to meet the sun and moon,

It all comes back to you.

Yes, you!

I must be a loon,

You have me wound like a loom

And thus I keep trying to mend,

Trying to sew me into you

But the stitches go from none to a few

I mean that in reversed order!

Everyday I ask myself, “why do I even bother?”

Maybe it’s because I’m alone

Or I’m tired of being stuck in the friend zone.

Or maybe you’re the only one

Around whom my tongue loosens

It wants to pronounce you, my very own.

Man, this shit sucks.

Maybe if you took time and put yourself in my battered shoes

You’d realize, what the fuck?!

There’s many particles in the air,

Each with it’s own unique flair

Likely better compatible with

Yeah, ME!

Again back to you

Wtf do I even care?

Hmph! Humph!

This is my posture for a while, until my system realizes it’s stuck in a contraption called jail

And it becomes politically aware

Why I even bother?

I dunno. Oh well I just had to share!




6 thoughts on “Why Bother?!!

      • Hahaha….The social media life seems to be getting “realer” to the on-the-go generation that’s never on the go

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