Ubuntu Studio over Quantal Quetzal [and back]

studio over

In my enthusiasm to learn about coding, I naturally switched to Ubuntu 12.10, an environment which was mostly text editor based albeit with some eye catching GUI which Microsoft only managed to beat with their latest OS.

Ask me how my coding is going so far, damn I wish I had started way before. I keep stumbling but like any successful thing, it never is easy.

But then again, I am some kind of multimedia gb3! Translation, I do beats, I write, I recently started GIMPing [or more appropriately, grokking the GIMP], and I have plans of learning all I can about video production and of course, editing.

Beautiful Canonical, with every user in mind, ideally have another Linux distro under their umbrella named Ubuntu Studio, which obviously, caters to multimedia needs.

I managed to install it through the Software Centre, no hassle.

Only problem, I couldn’t experience it within Quantal. Hmm..

while looking online for Linux alternatives for Ableton Live 8, I read somewhere about LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) as a good alternative. Only problem, I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I didn’t want to have to go ‘sudo-apt get install” in the terminal when it should supposedly already come bundled with Ubuntu Studio. (I mean what’s the point?)

so of course I gave up for the meantime, after all, I had only installed Studio yesterday and the only sense of it having being installed came from my shutdown screen, it displayed Ubuntu Studio!

Then after Ubuntu Tweaking my Quantal for a while, I decided to switch users and use GNOME instead. And voilà! There lay my *precious* Ubuntu Studio logon option.

I was elated!

I selected it, typed in my password and was welcome to Ubuntu Studio.

I hated it!

The GUI was honestly, unappealing to me. I spent like 5 mins checking out what programs it had. Not much of a difference, except for the ugly. It was like I was sexing the same vagina, only this time, it belonged to an older version of my partner.

loginscreen-300x168So I decided to check out my GNOME. Didn’t work. Switched to Ubuntu. Didn’t work. Switched to Guest Session GNOME. Beauty. Switched to Guest Session Ubuntu. Didn’t work.

What the hell!?? Now I was peeved.

I tried “sudo apt-get remove, sudo apt-get purge, sudo apt-get autoremove”, chale I tried plenty things. I went to all the forums, nothing they did seemed to work.

I knew I was doomed; at least that was the thought. I couldn’t imagine having to reinstall Ubuntu. Too much work, time, and having to backup.

Then I chanced upon this.

It did the trick, albeit taking some time and some meticulous observation.

Well I’m glad it worked! And I just wanted to share with the world.

Here’s a bit of what I had to do.



So, tell me, what do you think???

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