Factored Worship

I read a post from my favorite blogger this morning and it had me thinking; do we (I’m kinda excluded from this) worship god because we want to, or is it just a never aging fad?

The way I see it, more than half the time, a muslim is of that faith because of where s/he is born. Same applies to christians, and hindus, and every other religion or set of beliefs.

Delve deeper, someone is catholic mostly because s/he was born into it, sunni, likewise and the list goes on and on.

It is quite the thing seeing people switch religions, in fact, it’s one spectacle for me. But then, it has me wondering, if ali is muslim because he was born in Somalia, kofi is christian because his dad is a pastor, and yao is an atheist, because he grew up by himself and had no religious influences exerted on him, how the hell is it that one religion (especially christianity), can so boldly assume that their religion is the right one?

On to the next one, does god exist. Most likely, whoever reads this would say yes; cool, but how sure are you that your denomination or sect under whatever [your] religion is correct, and thus the only true representation of this god?

Back to Rowie’s thoughts, do people worship just because it is a necessity or it’s pleasurable? I doubt the latter very much, because way I see it, it has become a habit, nearly morphing into a life process that people just have to do.

And if ama says it’s pleasurable, I bet it’s because of all the eyes she catches gawking at her in her new African dress, showing off her assets all so “praise-worthy”. Let’s not even get started on kojo, we would simply end up disgusted.

Notwithstanding, I believe there are (I mean, there must be) genuine religion heads out there, but I still do wonder if they would follow a certain religion or “god” had they been raised someplace else.

Which brings me to salvation.

Every religion offers some form of salvation one way or another, whether it’s the concept of heaven, nirvana, re-incarnation, shangri-la, there’s always some paradise that needs salvaging (I think humans won’t think twice about exploiting even heaven). So dear god, do I get left behind because I’m not christian, or allah because I’m not muslim, no re-incarnation for me?

And don’t even get me started on the never ending interpretations out there by just about everyone!

A short (perhaps not exactly relevant) example; go to any “sinners’ den” during non-worship days, and check them out on their worship days.

p.s.: I just saw this on Facebook and I had to share..

‎”Everyone starts out being an atheist. No one is born with belief in anything. Infants are atheists until they are indoctrinated.” – Andy Rooney

na lie????


So, tell me, what do you think???

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