2013 has come! Have i been too late to see this? No. Am I too late to write a post introducing the year and perhaps my hopes and aspirations for the year, I believe so. Do I, or more like did I (and still do) have plans for the year? Of course; who doesn’t!

Do I acknowledge not all would go well, but hope for the best? Yes! Does the title post mean make your own breadlol.; make yungen beats?- not even by a long shot.

This year started out for me on a normal note, nothing happened. And boy did I enjoy the serenity. A lil drama here and there, but not anything I couldn’t deal with. What were my big plans for this blog? Man, my first post would blow away minds, and all subsequent posts after too – sadly,not happening.

Thanks to one person I call a relation of mine, my first official post is gonna be ranting endlessly about sticking your nose into another’s anus and declaring to the whole world how smelly it is, doing some real bad publicity for the owner of that crack.

While I shan’t say exactly what happened, know this, the title post translates into mind your business. I mean, it makes sense that as adults, concern is shown for the upcoming generation and blah, blah.

But to outright assume things, and paint the Mona Lisa as the Hiroshima mushroom, damn that takes some………..

I am uncertain what word could best describe what I want to say. But I do hope you get the point.

Now my deal here is this, if you think something is so much of your business, gauge your gains and losses, consider parties involved and implications for them, at least tell the truth as best you can, no  altering whatsoever, some level of respect, and a clear conscience -if it truly is your business, this last bit shouldn’t be any problem..

Did writing this post make me feel much better than before (albeit still furious), yup! Am I still as it were, *fucked*? yup. Do I hold a personal vendetta against this relation of mine? very hard to say, although I must express how amusing it feels. Oh well,  e no be sake of one person my life go end, after all what, there is so much more to life…..



So, tell me, what do you think???

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