Nurture, Start, Start…Start it Up


For a long time i have wondered about start-ups, investment opportunities and such in Ghana. I wondered if there weren’t any rich people in this country who were interested in investing into other people’s ventures. Perhaps they are just selfish and don’t see themselves doling out major investment money to others?? But c’mon, the word is INVESTMENT!!!

Anyway, I’ve been following the activities of Peter Thiel, venture capitalist, hedge fund manager and founder of Thiel Fellows, yes Thiel Fellows! What Thiel fellows does is admirable, and risky. But what is any venture without risk? This is a quote from their website:

“The Fellowship brings together some of the world’s most creative and motivated young people, and helps them bring their most ambitious ideas and projects to life. Thiel Fellows are given a no-strings-attached grant of $100,000 to skip college and focus on their work, their research, and their self-education. They are mentored by our network of visionary thinkers, investors, scientists, and entrepreneurs, who provide guidance and business connections that can’t be replicated in any classroom. Rather than just studying, you’re doing.”

Skipping college in Ghana might be too much of a hurdle perhaps, but something like what the Fellows are offering is worthy. Across the world, cities abound in tech incubators, start-up hubs and many a platform for bringing to fruition the dreams of young and innovative entrepreneurs. Not too far away, in Kenya, there is a bubbling over into this transformative space, a good initiative considering technology is the new economy, and Africans would be cheated if we don’t venture into this by ourselves.

Unfortunately, Ghana doesn’t have much to offer in terms of start-up incubators and venture capitalists. This link is a list of a few of the incubators in Ghana. There should be other ones, but these ones are prominent. OUWA offers an incubation programme as well.

Walk in SliceBiz, a start-up incubated by OUWA. What SliceBiz wants to offer is similar to what KickStarter and other popular crowdfunding sites have on offer. I am happy that a company with this vision has been set up in Ghana. Only problem though, it is a fledgling company, no wait, it is a start-up in itself.

At the moment, it is trying to garner funds. They recently won the second edition of Startup Weekend’s competition. At the moment, they are in a global competition to garner more funds to make their dream of being the next KickStarter, a reality.

They currently have 686 votes, and still need more if they are to be in the top 15 contenders, and eventual winners (hopefully). Please go over to this link to vote. I think they’ll be a good addition to the prosperity of this nation, Africans and the world at large. After all, ideas abound all over; the resource to implement them is usually the only drawback. Why don’t you help draw back this drawback??

Oh quick entry. There is this other great initiative i want to quickly mention; it is called Yeboao a crowdsourcing service. What this service does is to bring together textual and graphic creatives in an environment social platform where they can contract jobs. Think of it as a kind of deviantART or Behance network for Africans, except with revenue. 🙂

Check this page out to track the growth of start-ups and incu-hubs in Africa.

On our path ↑, it would be best to nurture our engines, start it up, and drive on to infinity and beyond; no pit stops :D.


2 thoughts on “Nurture, Start, Start…Start it Up

  1. Indeed Jase, this is a rather great piece. I thank you for the time rendered, and the recognition as well! Few would have given it much thought!
    The additional information you may need to complete the anecdote, somewhat, you could find on our page on Facebook, or otherwise directly form one of our co-founders William Edem Senyo via message on the aforementioned page on Facebook!
    Great thanks and gratitude to you Jase Tay!

  2. Really good piece. Fair and balanced. Clearly captures the problem, our approach and the way forward. You might want a follow up interview to clarify a few things though. Thanks for the support. Accra has shown us so much love and the we hop to ride on this wave of positive feedback

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