Politics, politics, politics… POLI 101 taught me and my mates that politics is way bigger than the negativity it immediately connotes. Oh well, not many people know that, so once again, politics, politics, politics…

Ghana is one helluva an interesting country. A trend has started where every 8 years, the political ideology of the government moves from capitalist to socialist. The other ideologies aren’t noticeable.

Ok so here is the deal.

The National Democratic Congress == Social (ist) Democrats. The New Patriotic Party == Capitalists.

So basically, leftists and rightists!

A little research, you will find out some basic things

The left (NDC) usually does the free stuff, welfare and the likes. They’re all about providing for the people for the national good; the state is your father and mother, who treat their children equally [supposedly]!

The right (NPP), now these are the business moguls! Individual capability over everything. For them, the state would provide the means; the outcome is entirely in the individual’s hands. Case closed. Privatization and more privatization. Men are not equal at all levels.

Elections are coming up, and manifestoes are being read. The rightists are espousing free education (:O) and the leftists are seriously opposed to it.

That makes no sense! The leftists, based on their inclinations, should be the ones espousing free education and not the rightists.

Then I think to myself, oh well, some ideas come earlier to different people at any given time, so maybe they were late. But the opposition they’re giving makes me think maybe this party ought to redefine itself.

The leftists are instead proposing providing the infrastructure first, and that sounds to me more like what the rightists would say.

What the hell happened?? Did the devil become Jesus Christ or something?! Did Steve Jobs suddenly become an android or Sergey Brin a diet of only apples??

These people need to get their priorities straight. I’m not saying either of their promises is bad, I’m just asking, when the hell did the tables turn??

P.s.: I’m not opposed to change or anything, it’s just it all seems so hypocritical and like a facade!


So, tell me, what do you think???

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