Rock With Me

I hope I am what you see

When you think of fire

Your LPG, your stove, your black pot (matches)

I pray I am what you consider

When ECG has a nice time

Your lamps, your candles

Cuz really, I hope to illuminate you

And no! I don’t mean Lucifer!

I won’t be souled for a Codex Gigas

Mayday, mayday

Devil on our  minds, devil on our mental soul

Is there a way out? Oh  no!

All exits are blocked, urgh!

Nevertheless, like I said

I hope to be the candle that illuminates you

Get you out of that dark place

Out of your grief, your sorrow, your loneliness, your pain


I feel like I’m talking to myself

I hope you can relate

Cuz I am relating

Rock with me

But don’t hurl stones at me

I refuse to walk a thousand miles with you


Let’s get there safely

Then we can snail mail our experiences

Rock with me

Let me be your diamond in the rough

This is for you, this is for me,

This is for us, this is for anybody

Everybody with a dream

Rock with me

We are our own resource





2:05 am


So, tell me, what do you think???

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