Making Amends

Growing up there was a bunch of things I admired and envisioned my work life consisting of. We have all had those moments. From when we transfer schools or enter a new class, and in most cases from our parents , we’re asked what we want to become in future.

Sad truth though, half the things we wanted to be, we have strayed far from, or at best, we’re somewhere close. Several factors account for this: new interests, a previous interest birthing an entirely new one, yada yada and so on

But of course, there are people who have “stuck”  to their guns.

Me, not so so! I’ve been here and there. All I knew was, I wanted to do something media and computer related. I wanted to either be on TV, radio, making music or I was going to build Africa’s first operating system (until some guy shattered my dreams, simply because I wasn’t solid in math :’().

Ok, even now, there is that craving within the bowels of my heart(:-D) to attain these things. I have begun learning new things, inclined more towards computer science, although I am a BA undergrad at the University of Ghana, studying nothing close to any of the things I want. Thank god I’m in school at least (although not studying anything I’m interested in. Political Science, eww. Getting my grades though J)

My biggest regret though, not learning the little skills and other stuff I’m learning now much earlier. Had I started learning the stuff I am engrossed in now, I should be on some mighty plane by now. But I’m not, and that is the reality so I should really shut up and try to catch up.

My point is this, when you develop an interest, go get it. Don’t wait on society to carve your path for you. Sometimes, the opportunities do not present themselves overtly, or they aren’t there at all( that sucks big time). Nonetheless, put yourself in positions where you can still benefit.

I shan’t preach create your own opportunities when I have no idea how to, and more so I didn’t manage to create any of my own.

Cutting to the chase, whatever you want to learn in this world mustn’t wait on some “divine direction”, what your parents and society demands of you to  do so. Thank god, for technology as it enables people to learn from many resources and from each other.

Get on the internet, find something you’re interested in, learn about it and perfect your craft/skill. Don’t end up disgusted with yourself with all that time you would have wasted doing nothing (which includes facebooking).

Seriously, get online and learn something new (sex positions?? Eh, unless you want to be a porn star or a husband or wife :p). Make amends, I know I am.


So yeah, do something!!!



So, tell me, what do you think???

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