Milo:The Puke-i-Nator



Don’t we all love our choco beverages. Milo (pronounced mailo or meelo 🙂 )is perhaps the most popular and widely consumed in Ghana. But i have a little problem which makes it’s consumption a sort of do or die affair for me. (ok maybe die is too strong a word).
I am in no way trying to undermine the efforts of this product, my problem extends to its competitors as well.
Often after a Milo (chocolate) drink, a feeling of nausea washes over me. it gets worse when i drink water.
While i haven’t exactly puked as a result of this, it does throw me off from wanting anymore. I love me some Milo nonetheless.
Is there an ingredient that causes me to feel this way or is it just my body reacting to it? at least i know about two more people who experience this as well.
Oh just a quick addition that might be of interest:

Milo contains some theobromine , a xanthine alkaloid similar to
caffeine which is present in the
cocoa used in the product; thus,
like chocolate, it can become
mildly addictive if consumed in
quantities of more than 15
heaped teaspoons per day. ”
I got that from Wikipedia.
Im just saying…
So yeah, do you experience the same thing,have you overcome it,if so,how??
click for an interesting post on Milo.
like i already mentioned, the feeling isn’t mutually exclusive to just Milo but also:





3 thoughts on “Milo:The Puke-i-Nator

  1. I also get extremely nauseous but I never puke, it’s strange. however I have found that I don’t get nauseous or as nauseous when there is less sugar in the drink

  2. I have the same issue with milo and similar products such as Chocca etc and have never been able to identify why. I always assumed I was developing a lactose intolerance but even with no milk I still feel sick.
    The best way I’ve found to get the nausea to go away is to just lay down flat until the feelings gone away.

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