Flying With The Circus

ImageSo you’ve heard of MOOCs and wanted a bit of the pie. But here you are in Ghana, where everything is an exaggerated cost. From internet to clothes to whatever else you can imagine.

If you’ve patronised internet cafes for a long time, then you can agree that it isn’t a conducive environment for academic pursuits. [i often wonder how people are able to do their assignments using them]. Thus MOOCs would be a bit annoying and frustrating for you if you don’t have internet at home; and don’t even think of modems [unless of course you don’t mind the cost].

Oh well, so you want to benefit from the likes of Udacity, Coursera, CodeAcademy, Coursehero, edX, CodeSchool, TedEd amongst several (most of the above listed focus on computers b.t.w., mostly Python), but here you are without an affordable resource to access this wealth of knowledge.

well if you can, these few tips should help you get started.



Buy a tiGO modem, or SIM if you possess either an Android or iPhone. Get a computer (laptop) with Wi-Fi (not necessary if you have the modem).

If you use either of the smartphones, then you should be aware of the tethering option by now. If not, Android, iPhone check your manual and learn how to do this. (Blackberry and Windows Phones inclusive). [you can also just opt for the usb method. long process]

Activate tiGO‘s internet bundle. You can either opt for the daily option,GH¢0.99, weekly, GH¢5.99 or the monthly, GH¢22.99.

You’re good to start learning your courses online now. If you don’t possess a computer however, but own one of these devices, you can still learn to some extent. Android’s stock browser as well as Apple’s Safari are pretty capable browsers and should allow you visit these sites, at least stream the videos effortlessly.

You would still need to get access to a computer in order to do some of the exercises though. ( My phone runs Gingerbread and browsers such as Chrome and Firefox aren’t available to my phone, I bet they’ll let you input effortlessly).

If you want to know more about MOOC’s, heck just Google it or check out one of the pioneers (first and later), or click here to read more, or here, or here or here or just frigging Google it!

oh did i mention you would be at an awesome advantage if you own a tablet?? 🙂



John, Victor and the whole team. Awesome!!

If you can’t afford any of these alternatives, then check out OUWA.


So, tell me, what do you think???

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