Ok this is more of a sound than a word. I mean look at it! Growing up i always mistook the sound to mean a chuckle, and i wasn’t alone. My friends, adults, everyone i knew referred to the sound as a chuckle.
Even now that i’m well aware “Mtchew” means nothing,not even by a long shot close to chuckle, i still hear it being used.Heck, im a victim.
I’m still not sure what the correct word is,scoff seems a likely alternative,but i doubt it.
I’ve scoured the internet (perhaps not exhaustively enough??:p) but to no avail.
I would very much appreciate if anyone could tell me what the correct word is.
I co-wrote a play recently and you can imagine what a disaster it was when it came to expressing this sound.
I appreciate your help!


6 thoughts on “Mtchew

  1. Those referring to the word as ”chuckle” probably do not know the origin of that word, especially those who have not been with Africans. It is simply a HISS to describe irrelevance of a particular topic or thing. Africans especially we, Nigerians hiss with our lips closed at the initial point of the sound, followed by a sip of air through the closed teeth without inhaling, with a slight movement of the tongue between.
    Thus making a sound in the form of m..t..cheeew.
    The number of “e”s we add depends on how long we meant the hiss to sound.

  2. I think the word or phrase in this case is “kissing your teeth”. shorthand txt version is kmt (kissing my teeth) or ghanaians just say mtchew. hahah yeah i thought that he English word was chuckle as well. boy was I wrong!

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