Struggling to fit into a stratum called swag

Little Johnny sure hoped he looked bad

Bad as can be

For once he wanted to be the fad

His ‘bestie’ Kojo, reminded him he already had

More than an awesome life

Contrasted with those living sad

Warped out of his selfish and narcistic reverie

Kojo as a friend, Little Johnny was just glad

Kojo was far modest, lived out of a closet

Metaphorically, literally

Claustrophobia he couldn’t afford on his shoulder

Anything he wanted, zilch he gets

Things he needed, in sixth place he was invested

Tragic as it sounded, his parents thrived to get him the best

Because they reckoned

Unearned philanthropy, their son wasn’t privy to be a guest

And so they lived on

Kojo on his books

Johnny on his books

Kojo’s side hustle

Johnny’s polished marble

Kojo so focused

L.J. visibly hocus-pocus

Once upon a time

K was broke

J was in the clouds

Presently on the grind

K is with the birds

J’s parents are dead

Set up was a fund

400 rotations later

The latter’s parents were earthed

Fond memories they left etched on the mind

In different locations, at different jobs

They both landed on the moon

Set for the sun

They both soared

Then the universe’s math faltered

It equaled

One of you won’t be the one

Not in my world

K fell from gracious grace to the lithosphere

Earth seemed to J like a playful sphere

To the core K plummeted

Towards the sun J rocketed

At each person’s destination

They disintegrated and inherited; HELL!

Reborn, one as a phoenix

Reborn, one diminished

J went on to achieve great things

Being his own sun

K returned to nothing

Surely he was his father’s son

Kojo and Johnny were worlds apart now

Would it have turned out different?

Is LIFE fair?

Does hard work payoff?

Or is having it easy tough?

Questions Kojo’s son and Johnny’s daughter

Hoped their unborn child would answer

They were life’s pawns after all

That surely is the subject matter!!!


June 26th, 2012

11:36 am…


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