Celebration or Mourning

My colleagues and I just observed a minute of silence in memory of the late president, as I believe has been done across the country, and perhaps, the world.

I couldn’t help but notice the sounds being made right outside our office. Quite understandable is the fact that, there are traders on the sidewalks, as well as vehicles on the always traffic choked road.

What has caught my attention, since morning and even now however, is the mood around town.

In my recollection, death usually kindles sorrow, sober and solemn dispositions within people. Not the case, as far as I have observed.

I often hear people talk about celebrating the lives of the dead instead of mourning them; after all, their deeds are usually impressive, and it only makes sense to “glorify them”.

Today saw and still sees Accra splayed in black, red and brown. Today marks the end of the week long official mourning period.

My question now is, are we as Ghanaians celebrating or mourning the president’s death?

I know, or I think the color for celebrating the dead is white, but seeing these colors, I can only assume that mourning is the lingo.

I can assure you however that, I have not chanced upon any sorrow stricken faces, or put simply, any mournful expressions.

Instead, I have seen a poignant display of, if I may, excitement!

Now, I might be wrong, but I doubt I am mistaken.

You should see the brisk business going on all over the city, with people selling from red satin fabrics (65x15cm for ¢1.00) to mugs, to various paraphernalia.

I am a little confused as to what is going on, or perhaps it s just the usual Ghanaian norm of making a party out of every funeral.

I guess I thought it would be a little different and reek of some seriousness considering it is the president.

But oh well, the “festivities” continue..


So, tell me, what do you think???

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