The Idiots


There is a first time for everything is a cliché we all grew up with. Cliché or no cliché, it is a reality.

One such reality hit my motherland yesterday, and a big blow it was is!

Never in our history has a sitting Head of State died (I guess without a coup, and thus, Ghana has been struck with its first tragic reality).

Yes people die every day, this we all are aware of, but when a prominent figure, the figurine of a nation dies, it is everyone’s business; regardless of personal interests, thoughts, feelings etc.

This brings me to the denigrators, the detractors and the idiots!

Yesterday when the news broke on Twitter, many of us were in shock; and for good reason too.

But not everyone, some thought of the President’s death as a good way to crack jokes (like seriously, wtf!!)

There were some who actually jubilated over the President’s demise. People tweeted what their plans for the night were going to be; the majority, proposing booze!

At first, I assumed these detractors were sympathizers of the opposition party, but I later figured they were just natural born losers who cared nothing about other people, selfish idiots. Politics wasn’t a factor anymore.

As a nation, it is imperative that we show solidarity towards each other, regardless of our affiliations, after all, without the country, what use are those affiliations?

Nana Akuffo Addo as well as former president JJ Rawlings, both very vocal opponents, demonstrated stellar leadership by extending their condolences. I am more impressed by the NPP flag bearer’s decision to put his campaign on hold, as a sign of respect to the late president.

Thankfully, our constitution was adhered to, and the Vice President has been sworn in as the new President.

Ghana shan’t crumble, and that’s a good thing.

The detractors and denigrates however, I wonder who the jokes would be on if they were dead.

A word to the idiots by Marksi : ‘if you haven’t been funny before, making jokes with his death won’t make you funny now.’

God Bless Our Homeland.


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