I keep going back and forth

You’re everything i need


I’m addicted to that feed

Without you I’m naught

You’re the essence of life

Whether cold or hot

You cool me down

When bright and sunny blows of heat

When bright and sunny blows of heat

You deserve a round

Your’e my fire, you warm me

Down to my bones

When the winds blow

Give me blow, and in return, cunnilingus

I’ve grown unto you, I’m a fungus

Over your absence anyday

I’ll cause a ruckus

Libation to the gods

You’re a celeberation

Fill any void, take up any shape

Timeless, you’re my cleansing

Throw up a tantrum

Choke me to death if you might

You have every right to display your might

I can’t walk on you, that would be a sight

But you’re still my baby

Without the music,

the money, the haters


The clothes, the food, all the pleasures

Friends, aliens, my pen etcetera

You’re my one and only

I love you, i need you

My Dearest Water


So, tell me, what do you think???

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