Letter To The President – By Prince Buabeng Amaniampong

Dear Mr. President
With heartfelt sorrow, pain and
empty pocket I write to let you
know my sentiment
I remember 4 yours ago you told
us if you win you will be
But situation at hand clearly
shows our President is totally
It seems like we were all deceived
by your lies spoken with good
Free schooling, more Jobs and
free health care, I promise
everyone will be affluent
Mr. President, I am a graduate
but can hardly boast of an
This is all you politicians tell us
when you need votes since
We eat cramps, die of common
disease while your people in
power live in affluence
Graduates are crying, pregnant
women are wailing, farmers are
shouting, they all need your
I have a degree but no job, he
has no degree also no job, now
tell me what is the difference
Each time we demonstrate, carry
placards and call for your
attention all we here is Mr.
President is in a Conference.
**We are tired**
I am grieved, disappointed and
feel cheated
There is poverty and suffering
and everyone have been affected
You told us you are the chosen
one and that you have been
Yesterday, we heard on the news
that man Woyome was finally
When I very well remember you
said you ordered a “seize no
payment” when you were alerted
**We are suffering**
This is not my voice but the voices
of the people
This is not cry but the wails of the
This is not my letter but the
emotions of the nation
**We are starving**
Food prices are sky rocketing
Instead of development, all we
see is backbiting
No jobs, total hardship yet we
have thousands of Graduates
each year graduating
**We are dying**
Mr. President, I know soon you
will be knocking on our doors for
our votes
We please urge you to hear our
cry and do something about our
Hoping to read your always
deceiving promises in your reply

Concern citizen.


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